STANDING NUDE, 1918 by Joan Miro 

I Intromuse football thighs
centerfold tits calves of a bronzed Minoan bull, or a heavy metal S & M fascist rock babe or a glamor pose (purely grotesque) for those who love flicks like "Gargoyle Girls" (evacuated every month into the desperate hands of self-hate fans who haunt midnight's X-fated porno shops) or maybe it's the lower leg armor of macho-monster Achilles slayer of Trojans (1) (1) birth control / at its most brutal and lover of Patroclus (his maim ram of a man- his rear-entry cumrade) II Consult with a Quack this patient manifests facial and tonsorial androgyny (2) (2) head of a hermaphroditic Kennedy? did Joa'n (Joan?) hold a merror up to his verbatim face and engender more than a bite of bisexual angst? (we are so seldom aware of the anaesthesia (3) (3) but when the anaesthesia surfaces / it becomes operating at the deepest an all-destructive storm levels of our very nervous (4) (4) The Furies / never come from Nowhere and vulnerable systems) III Exoskeletal Ruminations lots of squirming sperm things on the rug at her feet zeroing in awn dis impregnable forest well-kneaded nips the size of a groan man's knuckles can poke a lover's hypnotized eyes out her pudendum's a bit too pendulous ala the late Wendy O's symball supreme of buzz-saw sex (a hormone fueled form of hate) who blew her brains out with a firearm (4) (4) after the well-aimed shot / there's no while reaching for nothingness room for second thoughts with wasted limbs the breast is silence and raw, gray gyri mixed into a mush (5) (5) in most cases of suicide / the perp is apprehended/ by clumsy crime scene guys without a struggle IV More Gynecology where did Miro learn his anatomy? (6) (6) smorgasbord of organs / in the aftermath museums at the formaldehyde feast of last night's battle fields? (lots of mutilated lovers lived in the teritorial imperatives found in the middle of No-Mind No Man's Land guaranteed to last as long as men have glands) the vaginal-navel continuum features an unpleasant looking mutant-muscled anatomy: 1. the abs look like the eyes of a sleeping Oriental with a post-coital smirk 2. below the buttoned nose is Bernadette Peters' perfect little cockpit of a note-filled mouth pursed in a painted kiss (she wouldn't make a very good medical school cadaver, no - they seek your more conventional corpses in which to explore the mystories of life) 3. the left kneecap is anomalously hinged or hacked in two- the right patella's triangle sits atop an undying diamond cutting finite flesh especially when squatting on runways 4. she has the biceps of Brandy Christian (she can kick me in the balls anytime she wants) but the sexiest soccer babe of them all is Mia Hamm. Why? Because she so damned nice, that's why. I would love to make love to such a gifted angel 5. that left elbow can do some damage under the basket when goin' for the 'bounds 6. three parallel hatchet gashes on the skull's left frontal region means that the poor girl may be mute 7. two Johnny Cockaroos are a'crowin' on the surreal rainbayview tapestry behind the buttocks of Miro's model (7) (7) this goes far beyond mere mere coincidence (the nest is now silent)