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The Experiences of Two Sex Industry Models:
 Part Two

By Shaun & Nadia Hilton
Shaun & Nadia's Official XXX Site

It's time to share some more of our "Adult" modeling experiences with our lucky members!  We'll start with another NYC shoot with Steven.  

This trip we shooting a set for LFP, Inc. and they like their layouts very explicit! You definitely get your money's worth from Larry's magazines (Yes this is a plug! However, we feel compelled to do so because they are truly a group of professionals, really.). It started out as it always does, with us taking off our clothes and getting into robes (models must have adequate time to loose clothing marks on the body). Nadia began drinking her red wine while the make-up artist (Yuki) made her up. I chugged my shot of "Jack Daniels" which is part of my pre-modeling ritual (We always consume a small amount of alcohol before shooting for extra relaxation) and posed for the lighting tests. After Nadiašs makeover was done we began to shoot. 

We started out in the window of the studio (no, the window was not on the outside of the building!), kissing and caressing each other (these are the establishing shots for the layout). I took off Nadia's top and started sucking on her breasts. After a full-roll was shot. I crouched down, pulled off Nadiašs panties and began licking her pussy (which put her in the right mood for the shoot!). Rather quickly, Nadia stood me up, unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock and started blowing me. What can I say, Nadia loves to give head (lucky me!)! Due to her extreme enthusiasm this always takes at least two rolls of film (darn it).

It was time that we got completely naked and moved from the oral sex to intercourse. We both stood in the window of the loft and Nadia bent over placing her hands against the wall. Not needing an engraved invitation, I massaged my cock to a full erection and entered her from behind. I started pumping her in a slow and steady motion while Steven took photos. This is a great technique to bring out the most exquisite facial expressions. We then moved to the floor and Nadia stood with her back against one of the props (a big wooden cube, yes I said a big wooden cube) and I penetrated her from the front. Again, I used a slow steady motion, while Steven shot every conceivable angle. We then moved on the cube, next to the cube, behind the cube and having sex in all kinds of positions (my job really sucks, I tell ya). Whenever Steven had to change the lights or switch cameras the action would stop. When the action was ready to begin again, his wife (Yuki) would skip on over with the Vaseline and a smile for me to massage myself to full attention again (imagine that, another guy's wife hand delivering lubricant, so you can jerk-off!). Wešre lucky we got to this point in our modeling careers slowly. An event like this too soon would have probably put me into shock (itšs good to loose your inhibitions).

A change of scenery was in order, so we promptly moved over to the weight lifting bench. Nadia lays upside down on the incline bench. I moved over to her and she started sucking my cock again (did I tell you my jobs sucks?).  After about 20 minutes of her blowing me and licking my balls, we dropped the bench to a horizontal position and began a "69". This is a more difficult angle to shoot (You can't see Nadia's pussy with my face in it!). I had to twist my neck into strange angles as to provide a clear view to Nadia's pussy. Believe me, it not as fun as it looks in those positions! We changed positions for "Missionary" sex, then "Doggy" style and finally with Nadia standing over the bench. Steven shot several rolls and indicated it was time for the "Cum" shot (I love pressure!).

Nadia decided that the best place for the "Cum" placement was her ass (she's the target, so she's the boss). So, I inserted my dick and went to town (I think I forgot to mention that my job sucks?). When I felt I was going to erupt, I shouted, "I'm ready!". Steven moved in for the shot. I pulled out of Nadia pussy and started yanking on my cock to shoot my load. The idea was to hit her on the butt. However, my dick had other plans (can you believe the nerve of that guy?). The first squirt instead of hitting her on the ass, shot way over her head and onto the hardwood floor of the studio (at least it wasn't my floor)! Everyone burst out laughing as I redirected my following squirt to her upper back and the rest of them properly on her lovely ass (the things I do for money). We did get all the "shots" we needed (shots get it?) and everything turned out for the best. The shoot I have been describing was published in Chic March 1997. You can order it from LFP, Inc. at 213-651-5400 or go to Chicšs web site at http://www.chicgirls.com/

Unfortunately, this is the end of "Experiences of Two Sex Industry Models:  Part Two". Fear not, we have many more "Adult" modeling adventures for you in the future (besides our "adventures" are always ongoing!). The problem is which to select next. Maybe wešll go with the time Nadia was riding my face really enthusiastically, perhaps the video of the staircase "fuck" (this will need to be several articles) or how about Naidašs Strip Clubs experiences? You'll have to wait and find out!

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