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Letters from EIDOS Readers

A link to ann coulter? She has got to be one of the most hateful people in the news media! She , although may be smart and possibly sexy, to some, is not someone who would even support half of what your website is about.

And your site also suggests suport for the war in Iraq, as well as against it, What is this site really about?
Rob DeLay

From: Will Freshour
Subject: Loving to be given, Prosyliting about the Gospel

Here is help for the Saints to have this is so that they can be of service more for what is to be. Pagans are meat eaters and war mongers. War mongers are pagans because pagans do not like harmony. The Book of Daniel speaks about pagans and getting blessings for not eating meat. I want more harmony and I know that I could not go to church while the Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley is being Prophet and the Organization is so unorganized under leadership that allows for me to think that they are war mongers and pagans. Not all Saints eat meat and not all Saints like to have war, but as is you don't ever see a more related organization that be so held in the Hearts of the many when you talk about the LDS church. For example the members show the rebellion.

Dear Ms. Brenda Loew:


I just "stumbled" upon my editorial in the American Rationalist (which I edit) reprinted in your 46th online issue of Eidos (vol. 12, Number 1). It was a nice surprise. I used to subscribe to Eidos, and I suppose I have another reason to subscribe again. It seems I was not aware that Eidos might be interested in such unorthodox views, which I had assumed had to be limited to a few humanist/agnostic/atheist publications. Perhaps I am missing something. Perhaps you could enlighten me.

My warm greetings from the Land of Enchantment,

Kaz Dziamka, Editor
The American Rationalist


Brenda, is nice. Sex is on everyone's mind these days isn't it?
Looking forward to seeing a copy of your magazine. I've heard some nice
things about it, and I assume I will enjoy it too.  Thanks!

Paul Houston

Dear Brenda,

I enjoyed visiting your website today. I found it provocative, interesting,
sensual, and inviting. Could you please tell me a little more about reiki
and how you handle it. I've never had reiki but it sounds spiritual,
sensitive, gentle, and (perhaps) erotic. I'm 48, friendly, nice, and
handsome (I think). Please write back.


Hello Brenda: 

After having visited your new website, I am left
Stunned/Speechless/Breathless and yes even Panting. Incredible, I am
truly impressed, what breadth what scope and what depth, you really have
topped yourself. 

Wishing you/EIDOS Swastika. 



Why is it excellent? How many other websites are there, that are as outspoken for freedom of speech and art as yours. AND, not afraid to back up what they say with action. 

IWR is presently being reorganized. The company has four main divisions which are all environmentally friendly.

Our new web site should be out soon. In the meantime, our old web site which contains the old company profile is at

Our present main projects are a wood manufacturing facility in California and a sustainable and self sufficient greenhouse on 30 acres in the Orkney Islands. 

What are your subscription and advertising rates? 

Best Regards,

Hi Brenda,

I just wanted to drop a line to you and say thank you so much for running my picture in the current issue of EIDOS. I greatly appreciate it and look forward to doing a lot more ... and hope you see fit to use what we come up with again in more issues.

Thanks Again,


Dear Brenda Loew,

You can add me to your list of grateful subscribers. I will do my best to help EIDOS grow to a family magazine found on everyone's coffee table. I have already sent for a subscription to several magazines and catalogues that I would not had access to without EIDOS. I've sent for membership to "The Intimate Explosion", Skinnydippers, etc. I am an avid nudist, masturbator and exhibitionist. I am very proud of this. I was raised Roman Catholic which led me to religious nudity with a passion. I can't wait until I receive my memberships...I'm a devoted "penis liberation fighter" and would love to liberate the penis in man's cream religions. Sounds impossible, well may be not, as you know, people around the world are stressed out and are looking for new (or old) ideas. Sexual restraint has everyone uptight. I am a wayfarer with The Church of the Natural Way and a subscriber to Pagan Palaver and I love pornography of all kinds. I truly believe that! The more freedom I give others the more freedom I will have. 

I don't want restrictions on sex. I want to be free to enjoy myself sexually anytime and anyplace and in anyway. I want others to see me and enjoy watching me have sex and orgasm, capture my facial expressions on film or pictures. After my 67 years I agree that you have the best answer. 

Long Island, NY



I just wanted to let you know that I bought a copy of your magazine in Borders Bookstore in Coconut Grove, Florida, a suburb of Miami. And I really enjoy it. I have found it odd that in a capitalist society where we try to open markets everywhere, where barriers to trade are vilified, where the choice of consumers in a free marketplace is our national rallying cry...that economic freethinking does not include sexual choice. I too am frightened by our institutions of society that allege to protect us by adhering to some moral code. I applaud you. Keep up the good work. I am interested in writing, would you have any suggestions? By the way, if I could point something out....The Declaration of Independence was written in 1777, I believe....the Constitution came ten years after that..and the original Bill of Rights came right on its heels. I have always marveled at either the remarkable insight of the founders or their awesome fear when of all the Bill of Rights....the very first words of the very first amendment is a prohibition, a wall if you will....I like to think of it as a warning beacon.....sort of like the one in the movie Aliens.....against the government establishing or sanctioning any kind, type or form of religion.

This is not meant to be a diatribe against religion.....I respect it....but I fear its more sinister applications by God fearing Christians. But I have mused about the fact that of all the things that these men could have put first as they created a new country....the very first thing they wrote.....into law...which is about as heavy a barrier as a civilized society can erect, it was this prohibition on government's involvement with religion. I will say that events both here and in the rest of the world have made me realize how correct they were to do this. The assault on the first amendment continues. Thank God we have it and people like you who will stand up for it.

Stephen Hill



Hey Austin here from the Voice -- thanks muchly for the stack of E.I.D.O.S. magazines you sent over...I was damn impressed at the zine (and not just because you quoted me :o). In fact, I'm kicking around a book about intergenerational romance/sex (I'm 25) and there is a bounty of wonderful, divergent sexuality going on in the pages -- E.I.D.O.S. could turn out to be a great resource. From the Ophelia Editions to the "Southern Gentlemen" on the back cover, it seems to me this cross-generational couplings/eroticisms are happening with more honesty nowadays. I'd love to rap with you at some point about this, I'm sure you've been watching these factors for a while.... Let's talk soon.

Austin Bunn
Village Voice


Looks really great, Brenda the APR bio on you. Most all of the article itself looks to be there. Powerful words indeed!



beautiful issue, Brenda!

In Freedom, Frank Moore


Hi Brenda,

Thanks for the kind reviews and for taking the time to send a copy of the magazine‹itıs terrific!

Steve Stewart/Companion Press


Dear Ms. Loew,

I enjoyed your article "I'm Not a Jailbird Yet! Freedom's Not A Dirty Word" that appeared in the 10th anniversary edition of The SandMUTtopian Guardian, and my subsequent visit to the excellent EIDOS web site. It is a pleasure to enclose my check for $25 for a one-year (four-issue) subscription to EIDOS Magazine. I certify that I'm over 18 years old (for the record, just a little older than you are.) In the meantime, may I offer you my best wishes for every success with EIDOS in the future. You offer a delightfully welcome breath of fresh air in the arena of freedom of expression. 

Best personal regards.
William M.
West Hartford, CT


Dear EIDOS Magazine,

I have heard good good things about EIDOS and I would like to see an issue for myself. Send it to the address here....

Emerson D. 
Athens, GA



Bright Blessings: I've just read your statement of Pagan Sexuality. You're dead right. Huzza! As a Pagan ( I suppose I ought to call myself a quasi-Wiccan) I've had difficulty for decades trying to reconcile the freedoms of mind and body that my religion was teaching me, with the messages I was receiving from the Puritan-infected culture in which I grew up. I wish I did "lack the guilt and shame" that is the standard American heritage. Or that has been the heritage. What we seem to have now is the backlash. Orgiastic abandon has become the watchword of the day, but without the sacredness. I don't want to get into a long philosophical essay, just to let you know that your message has at least one enthusiastic adherent down here in Texas. I'd like to learn more about EIDOS.

Love, Light, and Laughter,


EIDOS, Salute!

Abortion. What is the difference between killing a day-old baby and a day-to-be-born fetus? Alternatively, is the squashing of an acorn akin to felling a mighty oak? Should a woman be forced to have, let's say, 20 children because they would be happy to exist? A human embryo has tiny little limbs, but so does a cockroach. A cockroach has tiny little limbs, eyes, and organs. It too recoils from pin pricks. It bleeds (albeit its blood has no red blood cells -- cockroaches are so small they don't need red blood cells). At one stage a cockroach has a larger brain and perhaps a more convoluted brain than a human embryo. In some cases it might also have a higher brain to body mass ratio. At such a stage one can argue that a cockroach is a more sentient form of life than a human embryo. Ditto frogs, cats, monkeys and human fetuses; human babies to dolphins and chimps; hydras to human zygotes. Is the stepping on a cockroach as tragic as the killing of a human embryo, or conversely, is the killing of a human embryo as inconsequential as the stepping on a cockroach? "But it's human!" Yeah, and so is a blood donation.

Don Kane
Rexdale, ON, Canada


At the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, the undersigned associations and individuals wish to express their discontent with the situation around the world in matters like the sexual freedom of human beings, within the frame of total individual freedom, in aspects like sexual option, sexual practices, sexual roles, etc. None of these matters has been resolved or normalized. On the contrary, we have observed an involuting tendency, an increasing current of new-Puritanism and political and moral conservatism, which originated as a neoliberal and commercial ideology in the socioeconomic field, and has reached the ideology and practice of some gay and lesbian associations. This moral right-wing tendency is recuperating new atavisms and prejudices from stages that have been overcome within individual sexual nature. It is also going deeply into the oppression of certain expressions of human sexuality. Consequently, the differentiated sexual behaviors continue to be loaded with guilt and heterosexual adult sexuality is being presented as the only one possible, good, sane and legal. Vaginal penetration and male orgasm still pretty much summarize western sexuality, thereby depriving the remaining possible and real sex practices of social acceptability, moral legitimacy, and legal rights. As a consequence, some groups of people see their right to a free and worthy sex life non-acknowledged. For instance, social recognition is still being denied to the non-reproductive and differentiated sexuality of old people; similarly, the sexuality of minors, prisoners and physically and mentally handicapped people is being stopped and legally penalized. In general, sensual and sexual expression is being forcibly relegated to the strictest intimacy possible and to secrecy, starting from caresses and ending with intercourse; this is proof of an atavistic and irrational shame and of a most tremendous hypocrisy: society rejects publicly what it intimately desires. The fear and the phobia of public expression of sexuality are even more acute when it comes to gays and lesbians. Homosexual sensuality, being socially different, if displayed in the streets, awakens the fears that were caused by a century-long oppression in the whole of society. This extermination of sexual and sensual visibility is a necessary step for the ones that have made it their task to systematically deny the fundamental right of the individual to sexual freedom: what is not visible does not exist.

Various are the facts that confirm the legitimacy of these tendencies:

* the scarce presence of sensuality and sexuality in the educational system, and when present, [it is] biased and strongly normalized;

* the shame for oneıs own body, the fear for nakedness and the penalization of its public display;

* the identification of sensual visualization as a public scandal; 

* the stigmatization of sexually transmitted diseases and, at this particular historical moment, of AIDS;

* the constant conflicts about age of consent laws as well as the partial, subjective and manipulative media intervention;

* the indistinctive criminalization of intergenerational relationships;

* the disappearance of physical contact in personal relationships (e.g. friendships);

* the increasing number of attacks on gays, lesbians, transsexuals...

* the use of religious fundamentalism in order to oppress sexuality.

These phenomena are part of a process and of a social response that, to the most reactionary people, are proof of a wave of moral deprivation. This argument serves as an excuse to put restrictions on peopleıs sensual and sexual behavior. To these people, sexual desire isn't any more the motive for the crime, but it's being treated as the crime itself, against which they must fight. Just as the desire for financial profit isn't being condemned (on the contrary, everyone considers it legitimate and it's protected by laws even beyond other fundamental human rights), but fraudulent or criminal enrichment is, we do not wish to see condemned any sexual desire acted upon without violence, abuse, coercion or deception. We can't afford the luxury of renouncing the defense of sexual freedom for the whole of humanity even if we have obtained specific successes within our own circles. Sexual freedom will not be real as long as homosexuality isn't fully accepted; but we cannot become accusers of other realities in order to obtain social acceptance. We know better than anyone the consequences of an oppressed sexuality in childhood, in adolescence, in maturity. Such suffering isn't worthy of any human being. All of us have the right to enjoy fully a freely accepted, unconditional and respectful sexuality. 

We wish to share with you a social project which is common to all women and all men who believe that the world we live in isnıt the best possible. Our input will aim for a new ethics based on respect and the co-existence of sexual diversities, a new system of values in which sensuality will prevail as a basis for the construction of a more solidary world, whose hierarchy will be articulated upon the basic principles of freedom and equality for all individuals and peoples on earth. We defend the equal distribution of social goods as a contribution to a sustainable development. We want to open ourselves to solidarity with every fight that attempts to reach full freedom for every man and every woman. If we suffer from racism, we cannot be racist; if we are being discriminated against, we cannot discriminate [unfairly]; if we are attacked, if we are forgotten, if we are imprisoned, we cannot attack, nor forget, nor imprison. We claim the recognition of our rights, but not in order to assimilate ourselves in the conductivism of the established institutions and norms nor in the market nor in competitiveness:  we claim the specific acknowledgment of certain non-exclusive and non-excluding rights which the whole of society will benefit from. 

Therefore, we defend:

* The right to education about sensuality, including a sex education starting from childhood, based on the knowledge of one's own body as a source of pleasure and oriented towards the right to love as one wishes.  This sex education must be non-heterosexistic and nondiscriminatory and present real sexual plurality.

* The right to access to a job without discrimination. No labor profile base on sexual behavior is acceptable.

* The right to live in a society with a sustainable development that makes compatible, at a world scale, quality of life for women and men and for our planet.

* The right to freely dispose of, use and enjoy one's own body.

* The right to personal dignity as well as physical integrity and security, guaranteed by laws and governments.

* The right to one nondiscriminatory age of consent regardless of different sex practices.

* The right to a worthy and respectable view of all sexual options in the media and any other social, public, scientific or art expression.

* The right to visibility and social respect for sensual expressions of any kind in public places.

* The right to a nondiscriminatory legislation in any aspect of the different human sex practices.

Likewise, we reject:

* The model of the gay community as a unique means for the liberation of homosexual desire of men and women, since it does not contribute to sexual liberation, it doesn't have any social project, it's being determined by protectionism and corporativism and in practice winds up defending the postulates of the society of consumption as a source of happiness and personal liberation.

* Sexist militarism settled in a wide range of social sectors.

* The imposition of Western sexual morale on the whole planet.

San Sebastian, SPAIN


Dear EIDOS Letters,

Reviewer Brian Johnson may need to go behind the barn with a female to remind himself that he, no duh! doesn't have to worry about getting an abortion. The irony, and the somewhat bird-brained idiocy, of his review of The Body Politic in Issue #39, reeketh rather a lot. I believe in freedom of expression, etc., but let's try a little harder to catch, um, "stuff" like that in the future, eh?

Thornton Kimes
San Francisco, CA


Let us hope that this message will reach all of the peoples of the world so that they may be forewarned. The first of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse has been riding for the last two decades "as a conqueror bent on conquest" (Rev. 6:2). A much acclaimed spiritual leader is busily trying to form a one-world religion under his leadership. Once this leader ends or completes his mission, the next three horsemen will ride out in painfully swift sequence and the effect of their missions will leave fifteen hundred million people dead or dying. Neither our religious, nor our civil leaders are warning our people of these upcoming tragedies of world war, world famine, and world pestilence, so that they will not be caught by total surprise. The Scripture reveals that 25% of the earthıs population will be killed and this would mean that over fifty million Americans will be killed or die of starvation and disease. The war between the nations is not the only war that is looming in the near future, for when this spiritual leader completes his mission of a one-world religion, under his leadership, he will bring those who oppose his doctrines under persecution just as the case during the dark and middle ages. He will also be powerful enough to exercise a high level of control over the one-world government already existing the United Nations. Since the final countdown for our Lordıs return is obviously beginning, I pray that those who are following any leadership other than Christ, the Scriptures, and the Holy Spirit will burn the billions of books, magazines, and newspapers that keep them in bondage to the "Synagogue of Satan" (Rev. 2:9 & 3:9) and the churches of those who are of the spirit of the antichrist.(1 Jn. 2: 18, 2 : 22, 4: 3, & 2 Jn. 1:7) Please contact the editor of your paper who has printed this article and thank him or her for they have become one of the workers of the final harvest. (Mat. 9:38).

Bro. Raymont Senn
1141 8th Ave.
Pleasant Grove, AL 35127
(205) 744-6581

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