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Brenda Loew, Editor and Publisher 
Brenda Loew founded EIDOS Magazine in 1984. She is included in editions of Who's Who In The Media and Communications and Who's Who of American Women (Marquis).

Brenda Loew & EIDOS Magazine have been included in Who's Who in Finance and Industry, 31st Edition and Who's Who in America, Millennium Edition (Marquis)
Blueblood or Rebel? Brenda at 2 Years Old in 1953.

Brenda is a third generation Bostonian who is evangelical about Sexual Freedom. " I have no choice. I am on a mission. Some unknown power, over which I have no control, compels me to spread the message that Sexual Freedom -- the freedom to choose in all areas of eroto-sexual life and lifestyle -- is a fundamental human right. It is my destiny. Wherever this road leads, I must follow..." Brenda describes herself as a humanist,  freethinker and feminist "...who acknowledges the Old Traditions of my Celtic and Teutonic ancestors."

Brenda is also a great-niece of the controversial theatre chain magnate and entertainment and sports mogul E.M. Loew.

Brenda, age 12, in 1962 with her mom, dad & little brother at E.M. Loew's Latin Quarter Nightclub in New York City.

My Family's Values (ca. 50's-60's)

In the 1950's, Brenda attended the Boston's "parochial" Public Schools. "We recited the Lord's Prayer every day. If you were bad you 'got the rattan.' All the teachers looked 100 years old and most were named 'Miss Sullivan'." The EIDOS Years! Reagan, Bush. Clinton & Beyond!

  • Brenda's appeared on numerous radio and television shows locally and nationwide including Sally Jesse Raphael and Morton Downey Jr. She's debated representatives from Christian organizations including Morality In Media, National Coalition Against Pornography, Eagle Forum, Conservative Caucus of New Jersey, Moral Majority, Massachusetts Citizens For Life, and others.

  • Brenda has been invited to address groups including: Boston MENSA, Dedham Rotary, Atheist Discussion Group of Cambridge, MA, New England Anarchist League, Libertarian Party of Massachusetts, Boston University's Philosophy of Law: Women and the Law class, Women's Center at Northeastern University, Radical Booksellers Convention, Boston Coalition For Freedom of Expression, and others.

  • Brenda has been a recipient of The Lifestyles Award (1993) and the Golden Phallus Award (1996). Brenda earned a Bachelor of Arts degree (English Language and Literature) from Boston University in 1971 and a Master of Arts degree (Linguistic Science) from Brown in 1973. She received an honorary Cultural Doctorate in International Communications from World University.

  • She is a graduate of the Newton Citizens Police Academy (5/00), received a certificate in Paralegal Studies from Northeastern University (12/00) and is licensed to carry a firearm.,

    Brenda is licensed by the Massachusetts Division of Registration, Board of Cosmetology and a consultant to the Aesthetics Institute of Boston. She teaches Reflexology for Well-Being and Introduction to Reflexology at area adult education programs and is a certified Level II Shamballa Reiki practitioner in private practice. Her professional memberships include the International Massage Association and the American Holistic Health Association.

  • Divorced in 1983 after 13 years of marriage, Brenda is the mother of two adult children.

  • Meet Award Winning Photographer Brenda Loew's
    "Loyal Friend"

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