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Patriotic Americans are Pro-Sex

 By Brenda Loew

EIDOS is an independent, grassroots publication not owned or controlled by big business or special interests. At EIDOS, we believe in and advocate speech and press freedoms, the separation of church and state, privacy rights, individual liberty and tolerance for diversity. W e believe that in a truly enlightened civil society, a genuinely free media would inform and educate the public about these authentic American values and ideals and what it really means to be an American.

President Grover Cleveland survived a sex scandal before being elected president. After he was elected, Cleveland created yet another scandal by marrying his twenty-one year old ward when he was forty-nine. In 1903 Cleveland wrote: "Every citizen should be politician enough to bring himself within the true meaning of the term, as one who concerns himself with the "regulation or government or a nation or State for the preservation of its safety, peace and prosperity." This is politics in its best sense, and this is good citizenship..." (Sex Lives of the Presidents -- From Washington to Clinton. Nigel Cawthorne. St. Martin's Paperbacks 1998.)

I think of myself as a good American citizen and a patriot. I also consider pioneering reproductive freedom crusader, Bill Baird, whose three U.S Supreme victories (Baird v Eisenstadt, 1972; Baird v Bellotti I, 1976; II 1979) established sexual privacy rights for unmarried individuals and teenagers, a good citizen -- as I do independent film champion, environmental activist and National Medal of Arts recipient Robert Redford, the Academy Award winning director and actor.

Good citizenship and patriotism embody the purest, highest American ideals. Indifference or complacency to love of home and country endangers the American way of life by opening the door to the enemies of freedom.

Therefore I ask: Do you know what Christian Reconstructionism is?

"Reconstructionism is a theology that arose out of conservative Presbyterianism, which asserts that contemporary application of the laws of Old Testament Israel is the basis for reconstructing society towards the Kingdom of God on earth. Reconstructionism argues that the Bible is to be the governing text for all areas of life -- such as government, education and law -- not merely for "social" or "moral" issues like pornography, homosexuality and abortion. Reconstructionists have formulated a "Biblical worldview" and "Biblical principles" to govern and inform their lives and politics.... Reconstructionists believe there are three main areas of governance: the family, the church , and civil government. Under God's covenant, the nuclear family is the basic unit. The husband is the head of the family, and the wife and children are in submission to him. In turn the husband submits to Jesus and to God's laws...The church has its own ecclesiastical structure and governance. Civil law exists to implement God's laws. All three institutions are under Biblical law...." (Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy. Frederick Clarkson. Common Courage Press. 1997.)

At EIDOS, we call this a Theocracy. And Theocrats are un-American. But that's not all.

Clarkson continues, "As incredible as it seems...democratic institutions such as labor unions, civil rights laws, and public schools would be on the short list for elimination. Men deemed insufficiently Christian would be denied citizenship, perhaps executed. So severe is this theocracy that capital punishment would extend beyond such crimes as kidnapping, rape, and murder to include, among other things, blasphemy, heresy, adultery and homosexuality."

On September 22, 1998, I discussed the Clinton sex scandal and the topic of Sexual McCarthysim on a KUCI, 88.9 FM public affairs program hosted by Dan Tsang in Orange County, CA. I remarked that neither President Clinton nor Monica Lewinsky had been charged with the biblically-based crimes of sodomy, adultery or fornication. I compared the attack on Clinton to an assassination attempt -- in terms of the Christian Reconstructionist worldview, which supports murdering abortion doctors, killing gays and terminating funding for the arts, among other things.

My objective reality is that the mainstream media is deliberately denying access to participation in the public debate to independent left of center individuals, like myself, who want to rouse the public with an alternative worldview on social/moral/cultural and political issues, especially related to America's "Holy Culture War." I can prove this allegation by referring you to "Everyone Is Doing Outrageous Sex: An Interview with Brenda Loew" by Greg Smith & Scott Anders (Alternative Press Review, Spring/Summer 1998, pp14-17.) My thanks to APR editor Jason McQuinn for having the guts to publish in his independent magazine what no other periodical in America, mainstream, independent or underground would dare to touch. If you'd like a copy of this biographical article, please contact me via email at or snail mail c/o POB 96, Boston, MA 02137-0096 and I'll send you one.

I snail mailed a copy of the APR interview to Marvin Kalb, Director of the Kennedy School of Government's Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics, and Public Policy -- in reply to Kalb's March 23, 1998 first and only email message to me in which he wrote: "In response to your email re: the establishment of a Sundance-type organization for the alternative press, I must answer in candor that I do not know enough about the alternative press to say whether such an organization would help your cause. But since I am in receipt of your email, a thought did occur to me: I assume you believe that the alternative press provides an alternative view of American politics and American journalism, and the relationship of one to the other. What would that view be? Has that view ever appeared in the mainstream press? How concretely have the American people been denied a political alternative because most don't read the alternative press? Or does one have anything to do with the other? If these questions appeal to you enough to write an answer, I'd appreciate it. If not, no problem, and good luck to you. Marvin Kalb" Kalb is a current member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) reportedly connected to the CIA (APR, Spring/Summer 1998. p41).

As we approach the year 2000, the mainstream news media, also known as "the fourth estate," has sadly evolved into the fourth branch of government, a genuine Ministry of Propaganda. If your perception of reality, including your sexual reality, differs from what you are being told is reality then you are not alone. What we are being told to believe are simply the artificial, invented constructs of greedy corporate elitists and powerful ultraconservative special interest groups that exist only to advance their bottom lines and political/cultural agendas.

A hundred years ago, muckraking journalists realistically and factually analyzed the deeper maladjustments of American society. They recognized wrongdoing and exposed the wrongdoers. (The Muckrakers. Louis Filler. Stanford University Press. 1968, 1973.) Then, like now, many average citizens felt the American System of individualism, business and government as envisioned by the Founding Fathers was endangered and not as it should be. So what can patriotic Americans who are good citizens do? You must turn away from relying for your information solely on the contemporary mainstream news media and support independent media like EIDOS Magazine, which more genuinely represents the voices and interests of "We the People." At EIDOS, we are not afraid to state that, as we approach the 21st Century, the root of America's problem is that the theofascistic sexually repressed Christian Reconstructionist Nation is destabilizing and transforming our nation internally by chipping away at the freedoms granted by the Constitution. We must not let the Christian Nation seize America (i.e. the White House, Congress, Supreme Court, American Culture) for Jesus.

As President Cleveland so wisely observed: "...If good men are to interfere to make political action what it should be, they must not suppose they will come upon an open field unoccupied by an opposing force. On the ground they neglected they will find a host of those who engage in politics for personal ends and selfish purposes, and this ground cannot be taken without a hand-to-hand conflict. The attack must be made under the banner of disinterested good citizenship, by soldiers drilled in the lessons of patriotism. They must be enlisted for life and constantly on duty."


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