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Exclusive EIDOS Interview with Porn Star Tyffany Million

By Brenda Loew

EIDOS publisher Brenda Loew conducted the following interview with porn star Tyffany Million via email during the Fall of '96 just prior to the presidential election. Loew submitted ten questions. Here are Tyfanny's responses.

EIDOS Publisher Brenda Loew: Tyffany, please introduce yourself, professionally, to EIDOS readers. How many adult films have you been in? What are their titles? What are they about? Did you make a conscious decision to become an adult film star? What was your career like before you became a professional actress? How did you break into the Industry and how do you define "professionalism"? Have you made any lasting friendships with other actresses, actors, or others in the business?

Tyffany Million: My name is Tyffany Million (not my name at birth, of course, in case you were wondering...) and at one point in my multi-faceted career I was an "adult film and video star", producer, writer, and director. I retired from doing films and video's exactly one year ago. I no longer produce or direct the movies either, although I do continue to distribute the films that I have already made.

I have been in approximately 100 films and video's, although if one were to track down every title I was ever in the total would be much higher, due to the fact that most movies are re-cut and made into compilations, and since there's no way for me to know how many compilations have been made from my titles, I'm not counting those in the given figure.

Some of the most famous movies and video's I've been in are: Face Dance, Sex, Latex, Shock, New Wave Hookers 3, The Creasemaster and the Creasemaster's Wife, Silk Stockings, The Wicked One, and Exxxtasy, just to name a very few. I have won numerous awards from various XXX industry judging organizations for my performances in these films, for both my sexual performances and my acting roles.

Becoming an Adult Film Star was a very calculated and deliberate decision on my part, and I was very methodical in my approach to both entering the world of the Adult Film Actress and the roles of both "Porno "Producer" and "Porno Director." I have been quite successful at every role I've played in the "biz", as all of my self-directed and produced features have been nominated for at least one award, including "Best Video Feature of the Year" for three of six titles.

To me, a professional is one who strives to do nothing less than his or her best in all areas related to his or her profession. I certainly have lived
up to that definition throughout my XXX career.

I have one lasting friendship that came from my years in the biz. He is my
best friend to this day, a true friend. Our relationship is a platonic one, and despite our twenty-two year age difference, we understand each other like no two people ever have.

EIDOS Publisher Brenda Loew. Many stars have fan clubs. Do you? How do you respond to your fans? Do you ever receive "hate mail" or any form of communication from anti-porn feminists, Far Right detractors or any others?

Tyffany Million: Yes, I have a fan club, and I run it myself these days. At various points throughout my XXX career, I have delegated that responsibility to others, but I have found that the old saying is true: "If ya want something done right..." My actual fan club members always get personal responses from me, even if I only have time to write a line or two. I have actually become good friends with one of them and his wife, and we are all like family now. All of my fans get a ten minute phone call from me, welcoming them to the fan club, so that helps break the ice between star and fan. In my entire career as an actress, both mainstream and adult, I think I have gotten a total of two or three pieces of hate mail. All three were from some crazed, religious, psychopathic nut who swears that I'll burn in hell for what I did, then asks for an autographed photo!!!

EIDOS Publisher Brenda Loew:  As you know, 1996 is a presidential election year. I believe I have heard you say that you are a Republican as well as a feminist. Is this true? If so, how do you define yourself as a feminist and the role of feminism within the Republican Party? In terms of the brand new Republican Party platform, what do you think about the political/cultural/social agenda that Republican men like Pat Buchanan, Pat Robertson, Newt Gingrich and others stand for? Will you vote for Bob Dole and Jack Kemp?

Tyffany Million: I am a registered Libertarian, although I tend to vote Republican in the big elections....this year, though, I'll probably vote Libertarian in the biggies as well, as neither Dole or Clinton is any less evil than the other. Same crap in a different package.

A feminist is one who fights for the right of women to question their traditional roles, in order for each and every individual woman to live her life as she sees fit, within the boundaries of not interfering with other's rights to live their lives as they see fit. (This is my own impromptu definition, and I haven't evaluated it for holes yet, so fire away if you find any!)

The Republican party could learn a lot from individualist feminists like myself. After all, considering the definition of a feminist given above, and taking into account the differences between the Democratic Party and the GOP - which by the way stands for "Grand Old Party", it seems to me that Republicans and individualist feminists should be natural partners. You're waiting for an explanation here, I know!!!

The original Republican ideal (before it somehow became muddied with all the anti-woman rhetoric...) was for a "hands-off" government, or at least for less government. Questioning the original intention of government as it was known at the time. (Historically, most governments worldwide have been either moderately or extremely socialist.) To me, the Democratic party has the least amount of Democracy, in comparison to the Republican party. The Democratic party ideal stands for a more custodial form of government, and in essence the GOP is almost renegade.

I will not vote for Dole or Kemp. These two so-called "Republicans" have gotten off the track of the original Republican platform. AND they have somehow convinced numerous Republican women that they know what's best for women and their bodies. (It blows me away that these women fall for this.) You and I both know that the whole abortion issue isn't about the rights of the unborn, it's about control over women's bodies, which men have historically considered their property and their domain. Ah, sigh, this is a whole book in unto itself.

EIDOS Publisher Brenda Loew: With all the controversy over leaky implants and the "beauty myth", what is your opinion on so-called "natural womanly beauty" as compared to elective plastic/cosmetic surgery? Have you ever had a weight problem? Do you work out at a gym or have a personal trainer?

Tyffany Million: I have had my breasts "done" five times, so I guess that answers your question as to how I feel about the "Natural Breasts vs. Implants" controversy. I got mine done the first time in June of '87, way before I ever made a movie. At the time I was a dancer and mud-wrestler, right before my entrance into the world of REAL professional wrestling in September of that same year.

All of the girls I worked with doing the mud-wrestling had had their boobs done. In February of that same year, I had moved to So Cal from No Cal, where I had lived the first 21 years of my life. NO ONE at the place where I danced in San Francisco (the Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre) had had a boob job. They were unheard of at that time in SF, and there was no pressure to have large breasts. Boy what a contrast when I moved here to LA (actually I first moved to Orange County.) There was enormous pressure to have large breasts, and I didn't make nearly the amount of money that my co-workers with the implants did. So I got mine done, and my salary soared.

Women in the adult biz have a very specific purpose (as actresses, that is.) We are fantasies for men. Fodder for the erotic imagination. And for most men, the ideal fantasy woman is built like a brick shit house. I consider the implants I have, and the rest of the plastic surgery I have done, as necessities for survival in this industry. They are much the same to me as tools are to a carpenter, or hairbrushes, scissors and a blow-dryer are to a hairdresser.

I have never had a weight problem, per se. I tend to be kinda dumpy and pudgy if I don't watch my diet and work out like a fiend, which I do almost religiously. I work out at a gym at least five days a week, and take various exercise classes. I have been on a low fat diet since before it was the thing to do, and everyone thought I was nuts for avoiding things like oils, butter, cheese, sour cream, and salad dressings.


#4. Would you encourage or otherwise advise young women to make commercial adult movies because of the salary, the connections they will make or any other opportunities or perks? What do you see as the future role of feminism within the commercial adult entertainment industry? Compared to the past and present treatment and status of women within the business, are more opportunities opening up for women within the Industry? Is there a "glass ceiling", or can a professional female adult film star use her acting career as a stepping stone towards entering into other aspects of the business? Have women's own professional expectations changed at all within the Industry?

#6. Tell us more about yourself, personally. What was your childhood like? Are you single? Married? Do you have any children? If so, how do you combine motherhood with having a successful career? What domestic expectations would you seek in a primary relationship?

#7. Do you have any strong opinions on swinging or open marriage? Is it possible to realize the ideal consenting adult relationship with a trusted, respected partner?

#8. What professional project or projects are you currently working on? Where do you see yourself being, professionally and personally, within five to ten years from now?

#9. As you know, Federal Law 18 USC 2257 took effect in July, 1995. It is a record keeping requirements and disclosure law originally introduced by Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC) that, in the name of protecting children from criminal sexual predators, now forces commercial as well as amateur producers of explicit adult materials (including publishers, photographers, filmmakers and advertisers) to compile lists identifying all consenting adults having recreational, non-procreative, entertaining sex and to turn those lists over to federal agents, upon request "at any reasonable time."

What do you think of this law? What do you think its effects have been on the Industry?  More specifically, do you think F.L. 18 USC 2257 effectively protects children from being raped or otherwise sexually abused by members of the general public? By adult film stars and amateur consenting adults?

#10. Is there anything I have forgotten that you'd like to add?

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