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Memorable Experiences with Sexy Ladies of Porn, Part II

by Dorothy Feola

In the file cabinet of my mind I have the memory of five unforgettable hours that can spring into visions and dialogue whenever I choose to relive them. It was my first personal exposure to one of porn's youngest living legends, while she was still working her way toward this classification, and it went something like this: in September of 1990 I was the house guest of erotic actress and dancer ANGEL KELLY, who was, and still is, a close friend of mine. ANGEL had another friendship that meant a lot to her, with an actress named JEANNA FINE, and it seemed important to her that her two good friends should meet while I was still on the west coast. ANGEL had often mentioned JEANNA positively, even warmly, during our marathon phone conversations, and I looked forward to meeting this young lady. Back then I was still wet behind the ears where the adult entertainment industry was concerned, and JEANNA FINE was hardly more than a name to me, though I was conscious (somewhere in my mind) of an attractive young woman, with an unruly mop of short platinum blond hair, who came across really sexy, yet smiled and laughed in a most natural and becoming manner.

The initial sight that greeted my eyes when the elevator doors opened, as ANGEL and I waited in the lobby of JEANNA's Los Angeles apartment house, made me silently wonder if I had been imagining the wrong actress in my head. This vision of delight was in black from head to foot, with soot black hair that fell to her shoulders, and she seemed even more slender than I had pictured her. Even ANGEL was surprised, for this was to be the beginning of JEANNA FINE's 'new look,' the sexy 'Dark Goddess,' who had grown out of the punk 'Platinum Blond Goddess.' As strangers to each other, I found the change remarkable, like two different women. I'm not exactly sure what ANGEL thought, but I kind of got the feeling there wasn't much JEANNA might do that would really throw her.

Although I found her enchanting with her warm and friendly openness, her realness, I had no idea at the time that I was in the presence of one who was to become one of the elite of x-rated royalty, one of the youngest true legends of her own time. I remember her posing on the floor as I snapped pictures of her for my private collection. I remember watching her change clothes by her four-poster bed, then taking more pictures of her and ANGEL on the bed. I remember taking a picture of her standing by her small car in the underground garage before we went out for lunch. I remember sitting up front with her in the car, ANGEL leaning over from the back seat, as she told us about some bitchy German woman she had the hots for, then lost interest in. I remember sitting across the table from her at lunch, ANGEL beside her, and lots of spicy stories and gossip that kept me silently enthralled. And I remember wondering how in the world I was lucky enough to have fallen into the generous company of these two attractive, fascinating young women. And when I dared to express my honesty about that very thing, JEANNA very naturally answered, "Why should you feel that way-? Of course you belong here with us." Really, you just couldn't help liking this woman. Needless to say, she had won me over even before the visit was coming to an end.

Do I remember anything really unusual happening that day? Well, not unless you consider JEANNA's pet rat, a female named HENRY, peeing on my arm, nibbling a hole in ANGEL's real leather handbag, and sticking her head into JEANNA's mouth to retrieve some edible treats. Most of all, I remember a charming young woman who was filled with happiness and pride in the fact that she had been drug and alcohol free for three whole months. And when we left, there was a warm, tight hug from JEANNA, a few personal words whispered into my ear, and the promise of an interview in the near future. I mistakenly thought I had forever to look forward to the interview, and took my dear sweet time getting acquainted with her interesting body of work. Unfortunately, when I finally felt adequate enough to do her justice, JEANNA was nowhere to be found. She seemed to drop completely out of sight sometime in 1993, though I had been trying to track her down way before then. Those who cared enough to help me, people like actresses NINA HARTLEY and TERI DIVER, either had no idea how to pin her down or tried to persuade me to forges about her. But I couldn't. And I never did. In m own personal way, in my heart, I kept a vigil for her.

Sure enough, as I always felt she would, JEANNA turned up a few years ago, making movies, doing interviews, and dancing all over the country. Always one of the better actresses in the business, JEANNA has been capturing awards in both the United States and Europe with her superb x-rated performances ever since she has returned to the world fantasy and lust. She has once again promised me that interview, but her schedule is so hectic, both professionally and personally (she's married and has a son now), that we have constantly put the interview off until we can give each other quality time. But we keep in touch, we're on steady ground together, so I don't worry, and I tell her, "I've waited all these years for you, I guess I can wait another few years." And I know in my heart that couldn't be more true.

If you think you might enjoy the idea of me making a jerk out of myself, then you're gonna love the story of my first encounter with blond southern belle BRITT MORGAN. ANGEL encouraged me to meet BRITT while she was dancing in New York City that same summer, in 1990, that actress MEGAN LEIGH had committed suicide. ANGEL had often socialized with BRITT and her husband at the time because they were all from the same part of the country originally, and still had family and roots back there, which brought them together in the two different areas of the country where they spent most off their time. As ANGEL seemed determined that I meet all the actresses she was the most friendly with, BRITT MORGAN seemed next on the list. And it seemed most appropriate that this should be the time, as BRITT, I was informed, had been very close to MEGAN, even best friends, and was still raw from dealing with the healing process necessary to cope with MEGAN's sudden demise.

Strangely enough, BRITT didn't show me sorrow or grief when we spoke of MEGAN as much as she showed me anger and frustration. She was obviously having a difficult time dealing with the fact that MEGAN, her dearest friend, could take her own life without at least trying to seek support from those closest to her, especially BRITT herself. "She didn't have to do this," she told me with a touch of bitterness running through all the other emotions she was experiencing. "She knew she could have come to me for anything. I don't know how much help I could have been, but she never even gave me the chance to find out." Not that her attitude was all that difficult to understand, but what could I say that would make that much difference? I was agreeable, supporting whatever she was saying/feeling without becoming too personally involved. I never knew MEGAN, and I was just meeting her, so I felt it would be presumptuous at best, and condescending at worst, to try to be too solicitous. So I mostly let her talk through her frustration and grief. And the one thing she said that I will never forget, with just the hint of a smile playing over her face, and her southern accent seemingly more pronounced than ever, was, "---You just wait 'til I see her again---she knows damn well I'm gonna kick her butt for what she's done to me--"

Near closing time, when very few patrons were left on that floor, I waited for BRITT as these three engaged her in what seemed like earnest, if not intense, conversation. Mildly curious, I waited patiently, just out of earshot. When they finally left, BRITT joined me, a somewhat tightlipped little grin on her face. "I know one of those young women," I told her, mentioning the woman's name, and how I met her, hoping she might share her thoughts with me. (This young woman was a notorious x-rated actress groupie.) "Her girlfriend, the girl with her, was telling me that she has never been sexual with a woman, and she was hoping her first woman could be me," she responded with mild amusement. I was at a loss for words, never suspecting it would be anything like that. "She wanted to come back to my hotel with me," BRITT went on, almost matter-of-factly, "but I told her I was too tired, and just wanted to get some sleep." Very diplomatic, I thought, wondering how often she'd been exposed to this kind of situation where men were concerned. Still, I asked, "Were you offended?" She shook her head. "It's really kind of flattering. But I really am tired, and I can't wait to get back to the hotel to sleep."

Before parting, BRITT invited me to her hotel room the following day for an interview. I couldn't make it, but I spoke to her on the phone before she left New York. It was the last time I ever had contact with her. I learned from personal sources that she wasn't herself after MEGAN's death, that she was indulging in some peculiar behavior, which seemed to be at least partly responsible for her resulting divorce at that time. What stands out most in my memories of BRITT, aside from those I've already mentioned, are the facts that she is surprisingly more petite than she appears on screen, her southern drawl is ever more pronounced, and her strong desire, which she shared with me back then, to do a legitimate stage play. I'm not sure what she's doing presently, but BRITT MORGAN is truly one of the eternal lights of adult entertainment.

The last of the interesting experiences I am about to impart for now involves myself and that sexy lady of porn that everyone seems to respect and admire, in and out of the business, the legendary NINA HARTLEY, and a time we spent together in a room across the hall from where a murder had been committed. I had gone to visit NINA at SHOW WORLD, where her dance act was being featured, and made sure not to make mention of the murder that had taken place, just a few short weeks before, in that very same part of the theater where her dressing room was located. Even though the New York papers had headlined it immediately after it happened. Though I remember the victim having been a young house dancer, a single mother, with a very young daughter, I cannot remember, after all this time, exactly how she was murdered. At first the subject never came up, so I felt perhaps NINA wasn't even aware of the incident. We had gone out to an early dinner with several other people, NINA and I ending up alone together in her dressing room afterward, between shows. This time together afforded us the opportunity to take some photos (for my private collection), as well as catch up verbally, conversing about many things. Nothing even remotely connected with the murder was included in the numerous subjects we touched upon. Until a young man who worked at the theater brought NINA some stuffed animals as gifts, and stayed to chat awhile. As luck would have it, this was the unfortunate soul who had actually discovered the dead body. A fact he couldn't wait to tell us about in detail. And, of course, it turned out to be in the room directly across the hall from where we now were. As he told it, it was actually a storeroom, but it was large and roomy enough for the theater to use as extra dressing room space for any women who needed it.

I had a sudden flashback: I was waiting in that very same hallway quite sometime before the murder took place, while my friend, actress ANGEL KELLY, entertained press people in this dressing room where I now sat with NINA. Suddenly I looked up instinctively as a young woman practically ran into me, nothing but a bright blue blanket wrapped around her shoulders. She had no doubt just come from a performance on stage, but I had no idea at the time who she was, and thought she was just one of the house dancers. She was about as short as I am, and looked me directly in the eyes, giving me the sweetest, most friendly smile, with the barest nod of acknowledgment. I mumbled, "Hi," hardly having time to catch my breath before she moved on, swallowed into what was later to become known as the 'murder room.' I remember that I kept glancing ~rough the open doorway, hoping to get another glimpse of her, not even being all that discreet about it. But I couldn't see much at all, and I realized that the room had to be much more spacious than it seemed from the outside, much of it well hidden from sight of the open doorway. Part of why I remembered this so vividly was because this was my very first 'exposure' to the Australian actress known s ALICE SPRINGS, who was later to become a favorite of mine, then leave the business all too soon.

Anyway, this guy gave us the full run-down on the facts, as far as was known around the theater, including the fact that another male worker at the theater, who had been sexually harassing the victim, robbed the theater and, it was felt, killed the young dancer (before or after, I can't remember the speculation) before fleeing the place. The fellow who was with us had made the gruesome discovery all by his lonesome when he was sent to straighten up the room just around closing time. He said he "ran like hell for help," but he had the instinctive feeling she was dead already without even examining her. I kept glancing at NINA as each detail was revealed, rolling almost casually off his tongue. Fortunately for the audience of admirers awaiting her performances, she seemed to be taking it all in stride, without any undue stress. In fact, all these years later, and I recently reminded NINA of that particular incident, informing her I was going to write about it. She looked blank for a few moments, actually had to think back briefly, then suddenly recalled the whole thing, saying, "--- Oh, yeah --- I remember that ---" It's like I've been telling you, dear readers, no one can milk an experience, or even a moment, like yours truly.

The holidays and new year brought me some lovely, sexy treats, in the form of some of my very favorite females in the world of porn, which will transform into some interesting interviews for EIDOS readers. Like TIFFANY MYNX, the sweetest heart in all of porndom, who checked back into my life right after the year began, helping to get it off to a great start. Tiffany is not only back, she has won herself a contract with ELEGANT ANGEL VIDEOS and been chosen to play the title role in the 'BUTTWOMAN' series, formerly played by girl/girl scene stealer, TIANNA. (ELEGANT ANGEL always has lots of girl/girl stuff in their movies, as well as putting out all-girl movies.) Tiffany reminded me of my offer to do an interview way back before she had her baby. As if she had to. I had been writing to her off and on since she took time off from the business. When I got her lovely letter, I practically did backflips. When I read she was back in the business again, I intended to write to her once more, but she beat me to it. I told her this on the phone and she said, "I know that," then laughed her sweet, gentle laugh. It doesn't get much better than this.

Ah, but it does. I finally got to speak to my 'mystery lady,' actress/director/producer KYM WILDE, and this extremely talented lady, who makes her own special style bondage tapes for REDBOARD VIDEO, is as enthusiastic as I am, after reading about herself in my column, about being my first interview for EIDOS in 1997. You're gonna get a dose of real CLASS when you read that interview. And as if all this isn't enough, that sexy little heartthrob, MISTY RAIN, who has all the actresses in the business lusting for her between their legs, wrote me again just before Christmas, finally agreeing it would be a great idea for me to interview her. Misty claims she spends much of the year dancing on the road, so I told her I'd try real hard to work something out. This lady started out in the business doing only women, and is really one of the best. And she ain't so bad with guys either. So that's it for now. HAPPY GIRL/GIRL EROTIC ENTERTAINMENT HUNTING ALL YEAR 'ROUND!


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