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'Too much political mischief' in Newton

March 9, 2000

To the editor:

I read the article on Brenda Loew's day in court with school committee member Susan Heyman and her husband (Heyman, husband not charged with larceny, March 2). I only wish the judge would have allowed the complaint.

There is just too much political mischief that goes on in this city that discourages good people from running for office. I speak from personal knowledge.

Not only was I involved in the last political campaign season as a candidate for alderman at large, Ward 2, but I also interviewed all the new candidates who were seriously concerned about the future of the city and the schools and wanted to have input. I saw how they were ridiculed by the incumbent elected officials and dismissed as unqualified.

I think it was honorable and responsible that Ms. Loew stood up for her rights. She should be admired and commended for doing so. I wish her good luck whatever decision she makes. If there was any justice in our system the complaint would have been issued. It should have been. That it wasn't is a travesty.

Jackie Morrissey
Capital Street

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