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Letter: 'Despicable and Evil' Commentary

By Brenda Loew
Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Daniel Shaw criticizes Ralph Lieberman, Mark Lurie and Alderman Robert Gerst in his Guest Commentary "Propaganda, news and NewTV," [March 31] as if to suggest that Lieberman, Lurie and Gerst (who are our Jewish neighbors) are our enemies rather than the Islamic terrorists who are calling for the destruction of Israel, all Jews and Christians, and Western Civilization. This is crazy!

Instead of taking a strong stand against Hezbollah's Al Manar propaganda being broadcast into Newton homes on NewTV and Hezbollah's strategy of recruiting children as terrorists and suicide bombers, for example, the commentary's veiled political message seems to be that Jews are "enemies of the people." How despicable and evil. Perhaps some appeasers in Newton who claim to support freedom of speech would also support the likes of an Islamic terrorist reincarnation of Father Coughlin, who was known as a hero in Nazi Germany, or an Islamic terrorist version of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda? The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation are pumping millions of dollars into, the corporation which beams Mosaic via satellite to NewTV. Do any Jews serve as trustees, officers or staff of these foundations? Check it out. RCN and Comcast, in turn, transmit Mosaic into our Newton homes. None of this is any different than the anti-Semitic Henry Ford's Ford Motor Company's business investments in Nazi Germany. Jews had best begin to arm themselves literally and otherwise against the cancer of hatred that is spreading (in the name of tolerance) like poison from the Middle East into Newton. Never again Egypt, Babylon, Rome, Spain, The Crusades, England, Russia, France and Germany!

Brenda Loew
Chestnut Street

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