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Letter: Hess-Mahan's agenda 'frightening'

By Brenda Loew
Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Alderman-at-Large Ted Hess-Mahan had better check out the language of the Massachusetts General Laws before he calls anyone "ignorant." Section 1, Chapter 51, clearly states only citizens are qualified to vote in elections. The U.S. Constitution states citizens are born or naturalized. Period. End of story. The real question is why is Hess-Mahan so eager to ignore the language of the Massachusetts General Laws, call me "ignorant" and still want to extend local voting rights to foreign nationals who have absolutely no loyalty to this country?

For example, Hess-Mahan's scheme would extend the right to vote in local elections for mayor, school committee, aldermen, etc., to foreign nationals the likes of Osama Bin Laden's relatives and members of terrorist cells residing in Newton. Hess-Mahan supported that zealot Howard Dean for president, and he may be a slick lawyer and fast-talking local alderman himself, but his ideological agenda is much larger than any one individual like me or local Newton politics.

As one of Can-Do's original movers and shakers, Hess-Mahan may well be aware that Freddie Mac offers observant Muslims interest-free mortgages because paying interest violates the Koran. Check out Freddie Mac's Web site yourself if you don't believe me. This un-American, discriminatory practice commingles church-state separation and should be challenged in a court of law. Also, check out "The Immigrant Voting Project" ( for information about the agenda of a national network whose main goal is "to grant local voting rights to community residents, regardless of citizenship."

Several weeks ago, on Jackie Morrissey's Newton Talk TV show which I co-produce, Hess-Mahan stated almost verbatim some of the Immigrant Voting Project's own language. Frightening! Hess-Mahan and his agenda threaten national security and have been reported to the Department of Homeland Security and the White House.

Brenda Loew,
Chestnut Street

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