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Letter: 'The TAB's liberal bias is blatant'

By Brenda Loew
Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The TAB's liberal bias is blatant in its shallow front-page puff piece "Kerry-ing their message across the border" [July 21]. It promotes Newton's Democrats, trivializes Newton's Republicans, ignores the significant number of Newton's Independent voters and smacks of shoddy journalism and partisanship. That the radical leftist wing of the Democratic Party has taken over Newton's Democrats for Kerry is not new information.

Newton's "Blame America First" crowd has already seized control of Newton's Board of Aldermen, the Newton School Committee and the Board of Directors of NewTV. These people hate the Pledge of Allegiance (with or without the words "under God"), hate American flags flying in public school classrooms, hate the War in Iraq, hate the USA Patriot Act, and hate George Bush. They love NewTV's propagandistic Mosaic programming sponsored by ex-Deaniac fundraiser Arthur Obermeyer, and would love for the United Nations to run our country. They love the The World Court for criticizing Israel's attempt to defend herself against acts of terrorism.

Most recently, the lunatic fringe of Newton's Democratic Party would love to grant the right and privilege of voting in our local elections for mayor, School Committee and Aldermen to immigrants living in Newton, legally or illegally. They love Freddie Mac's interest-free mortgages for Muslims who live in America according to the laws of the Koran.

Worse than seeing John Kerry elected President is the thought of his wife, the Mozambique-born Maria Teresa Simoes-Ferreira Heinz Kerry, as First Lady. Do we need a First Lady who donates millions of dollars to the Tides Foundation which reportedly supports Hamas and efforts to ease restrictions on Muslim immigrants from terrorist states? John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry are aiding and abetting our enemies. They are a threat to our national security. Why doesn't the TAB report on this?

Brenda Loew,
Chestnut Street

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