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Letter: Yes, Teresa Heinz Kerry did give to the Tides Foundation

Wednesday, August 18, 2004
By Brenda Loew

Joseph Anderson of Watertown has his facts wrong ["Teresa Heinz Kerry doesn't help terrorists," Letters to the editor, Aug. 11].

What is Teresa Heinz Kerry hiding about her philanthropic donations? Plenty! What we do know is that, according to, Teresa Heinz Kerry gave more than $4 million to the Tides Foundation between 1995-2001. We do know from the Tides Web site that Tides grants funds to extremist leftist groups such as The Ruckus Society, a bunch of direct-action Green anarchists, Barrio Warriors, a radical separatist Hispanic youth group, and September 11 Families for Peace, an angry group that criticizes the free speech use of 9/11 public domain images in political advertising.

According to The City Journal ( and Manhattan Institute (www.manhattan-institute) Tides also recently set up the Iraq Peace Fund to support leftists who oppose the Iraq War. Tides supports, which The Boston Herald described in its April 14, 2004 op-ed piece entitled "Heinz-Kerry funds radical pals" as "the George Soros-funded outfit that notoriously featured ads on its Web site comparing President Bush to Adolph Hitler." I phoned Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow and City Journal contributing editor Steve Malanga who wrote the Herald op-ed article to ask him if he stood by the statements he made in his story and he replied that he did.

There's no denying the Teresa Heinz Kerry-Tides connection. Do you really think Teresa Heinz Kerry would defend the security of our country against the threat of terrorism? My answer is no. Do we really want Teresa Heinz Kerry, a crude and rude person, in the White House? Thank you, no. I'll keep Laura Bush exactly where she is. As for John Kerry, we are tired of this burned-out Vietnam vet who is living in the 1960's. What is he hiding? Where are his military records? Better still, where is his Congressional record of the last 20 years? Think about it.

Brenda Loew
Chestnut Street

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