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Letter: More problems with NewTV

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

For the second time in four weeks, the live broadcast of our one-half hour, issues-oriented, political talk show, Newton Talk, did not air on NewTV at its scheduled time (Wednesday 8:30-9 p.m.)

The first time, Reverend Howard Hayward of the Myrtle Baptist Church was our guest. This past Wednesday, Nov. 10, Oak Hill Principal Hank Van Putten, who I booked weeks ago, suddenly cancelled, so I guested, addressing Oak Hill’s scheduled Civil Rights March. Again the show did not air live as it was happening.

Because of the controversial, conservative viewpoints held by the host and his guest on this issue, we and many of our loyal viewers are concluding that Newton Talk is being deliberately sabotaged from within by NewTV staff and the city’s establishment. Otherwise we reason that NewTV’s professional staff must be totally incompetent. They should be fired and replaced.

Locally-produced programming and “No Censorship” are the stated goals of NewTV. Despite this, we were lied to last Wednesday night when told by NewTV staff that a tape of our non-televised show would be broadcast the next night between 8-9 p.m. THIS NEVER HAPPENED! Ken Parker’s one-hour show filled that entire slot. ... A caller ID system has been installed to identify our callers. The bottom line is that Newton Talk is a hated show in a city that claims tolerance for diversity and respect for human differences. The haters deny this allegation — but they are liars. NEW TV’s system for filing complaints is a total joke. Perhaps Newton’s haters should come out of the closet and produce their own leftist shows rather than hiding behind imported anti-American programming. That way we will know who they all are. They certainly know who we are.

Brenda Loew
Co-Producer, Newton Talk
Chestnut Street

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