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Robert: So Brenda are you happy with how the Presidential election turned out?

Brenda Loew: I haven't written anything about it for EIDOS but I should and will. I am against the spread of theo-fascism so, Yes, I am pleased. What do you think? I hope you are not in therapy or in a support group over the Kerry loss. We know Kerry here very well. On a personal level, the guy is a huge loser. On a political level, he stands for nothing. He has done nothing for our state in 20 years. All he is is a cowardly politically correct opportunist who'll say anything. And his wife is a rude and crude South African sow who has slept her way to the top. The hatred and vitriol and viciousness was almost unprecedented. I know the very far left from my activist days on the streets in front of abortion clinics. They are scary people as are those on the extreme far right. We supposedly have the KKK and National Alliance here in Massachusetts too.

Robert: Hi Brenda, I knew Kerry would lose (another empty suit who didn't know what he stood for) however I'm none too pleased that Bush was reelected but unlike some Americans I'm not leaving the country, like the song says "These colors don't run". Hate to break this to you but heard Robert Redford might move to Ireland. Guess he and the other liberals in Hollywood have some romantic delusions about being an expatriate. Let them leave. Michael Moore really lost credibility this time and showed what an intolerant extremist he really is. Whatever the reasons for us going to Iraq are, Bush started it and he should be the one to finish it. Though I believe the war in Iraq is really about the balance of power in the region, ever since the Shah of Iran fell the US has been backing Saddam Hussein until he upset the balance by invading Kuwait so he became unreliable and was toppled, now Saudi Arabia is heading towards what happened in Iran so the US needs Iraq even more and why is the US so involved in the region? Because of Oil, which the left likes to tell us is such a bad thing but lets face it until there is another energy source as abundant we have to keep those oil fields out of the hands of our enemies and that is just a fact. Now if only Bush would fight the war against illegal immigration as vigorously as he is against the terrorists he'd be doing this country a service that it badly needs. Why can't he see we're being undermined from within instead he's preoccupied with gay marriage? I'm afraid winning the war on terrorism will result in us loosing our freedom in some subtle and not so subtle ways. Our country is in a very tricky time in its history and now that the Democratic Party has degenerated into a money-raising cult that believes in nothing and tries to strong arm its way into political office, there is really nothing to stop the far-right. Listen to this rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine",

This is how the change in America feels to me. Maybe I do need therapy, LoL.

P.S. "a rude and crude South African sow", Brenda you've got a way with words that has to be the best line I've heard this election, LoL.

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