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NTxA to elect a new prez
By Bernie Smith/ Staff Writer
Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Revelations that a former Democratic press liaison was slated to run for president of the conservative-leaning Newton Taxpayer's Association caused an internal furor last month, with members lashing out at each other via e-mail and temporarily postponing the election.

The election is back on schedule, however, slated to take place tonight, Feb. 23. Despite an effort to recruit potential challengers from some of the group's more right-leaning members, it appears the organization's spokesman, Jeff Seideman, will likely run unopposed for the group's top office.

In addition, the group's board of directors, who will also be voted in tonight, are slated to vote on adopting a new "code of conduct" resolution, which prohibits members from "engaging in character assassinations, defamatory statements, unsubstantiated allegations and other forms of abusive dialogue, regardless of whether they are made internally or externally, verbally or in writing."

If adopted, the board could punish violators with expulsion from the more than seven-decade old organization.

Brenda Loew, who said she feels Seideman's election could be the start of a takeover of the group by "far-left extremists," said she and other more conservative members are considering leaving the group and starting a new organization.

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