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Letter: ‘Who are these aliens? Where do they live?’
Wednesday, February 16, 2005

To quote President George W. Bush, “Taxpayer dollars should be spent wisely or not at all.” Let’s remember how the Board of Aldermen squandered our tax dollars by voting for anti-American resolutions against the War in Iraq and the USA Patriot Act. Right now they are repeating this anti-Americanism by taking up the issue of granting voting rights to aliens. The school budget already controls more than 70 percent of Newton’s municipal budget and is growing. The Gay Nation controls Newton’s academic curriculum. Now, Newton’s politically-correct Marxist crowd, led by Aldermen Ted Hess-Mahan, Ken Parker and John Stewart, would like to permit aliens with no loyalty to this country to control our elections. Like sheep being led to the slaughter, Newton voters keep electing the same anti-American city officials into office; the same wasteful ones who raise our assessments, support Proposition 2 1/2 overrides, impose user fees (your trash pick-up is next!), increase water bills, and show no mercy on equity rich, cash poor longtime elderly homeowners. If any alien living in Newton is miserable because they can’t vote, then become a citizen. They knew the law before they moved here. They knew they’d pay local, state and federal taxes. The questions are: How could they afford to move into Newton in the first place? And why? For a better education for themselves? For their children (i.e. learning disabilities, ESL, tutors, bilingual education, etc.)? For better medical care? Housing? How much does it cost “We the people” to subsidize these aliens? And who are these aliens? Where do they live? What are they doing here? To protect ourselves, how our tax dollars are spent and our national security, maybe only children of citizens should attend Newton public schools and maybe only Newton citizens should be permitted to buy property.

Brenda Loew
Chestnut Street

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