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Volume 11 Number 4 Issue #43


EIDOS Gets a Facelift
by Brenda Loew

(EIDOS News Service)  EIDOS is my mission, my calling. I founded EIDOS in 1983.  The first issue was published in January, 1984.  Since then, EIDOS has evolved, reincarnated and reorganized itself many times. For the past sixteen years, EIDOS has been printed and sold either as a magazine or a tabloid newspaper. Now, due to soaring printing and mailing costs and the lack of control over circulation, sales and payment by independent magazine distributors and bookstores, EIDOS is an online newsletter. However, thousands of subscribers to the longtime "tree" version of EIDOS will eventually receive a printed edition of the online newsletter via snail mail.

Subscriptions to EIDOS and the cost for a Single Copy will remain the same.  However, my goal is to publish EIDOS much more often. For the time being it will be published irregularly. However, I want EIDOS to first become a bi-monthly and then a monthly by the end of 2000.

EIDOSí award-winning website http://www.eidos.org receives a quarter of a million hits per month. Best of all, itís free. Check out the latest photos and artwork or controversial news story about EIDOS founder Brenda Loew in our Articles Archive.

To really help out with our cause, be sure to purchase a Back Issue of EIDOS. Or make a non tax-deductible cash donation.

Please note that EIDOS respects your privacy: We use a secure server and do not sell or share credit card information or email addresses with other companies.

Many crazies on the political far right (especially during the 1980ís) and to the far left of center (throughout the 1980ís and 1990ís)  demonized EIDOS and EIDOS.org as pornography and called me  a pornographer. Most recently this occurred during my campaign for election to the Newton School Committee, which I lost!

To those Marxist-Socialist Politically Correct Far Left Fascist McCarthyites and to those Far Right Nazi Theofascists I say: EIDOS is not now and has never been porn and I am not now and never have been a pornographer.  

The reality is that EIDOS is a very American publication -- something that is repugnant to Communists and Facsists --  and World Federalists.

Since 1984, EIDOS has raised the public's consciousness by advocating human, constitutional and civil rights to freedom of erotic and sexual self-expression for consenting adults who value freedom of choice, individual liberty and personal privacy rights.

EIDOSí successful continuation ensures that the first amendment values and alternative worldviews freethinking consenting adults believe in and live their lives by have a forum.

Please enjoy the new EIDOS! And more importantly support EIDOS financially.

Remember that "Freedom Isnít Free!" 

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Sexual Freedom, Good Citizenship and the Constitution

by Brenda Loew

(EIDOS News Service) I am registered as an Independent voter. In reality I am  a very non-politically-correct libertarian democrat. Together with my advocacy for the First and Fourth amendments, I support the Second Amendment right to bear arms. I am NRA trained, licensed to carry a firearm and have been for many years now.

However, for his positions on pro-choice and the environment, I was an early supporter of Bill Bradley for President. As soon as he declared his candidacy for President, I posted several Bill Bradley signs on my property.  This act was in deliberate violation of that local sign ordinance I had been fighting in court. Yet nobody complained.

On Super Tuesday --  for the very first time in my life -- I took a Republican ballot. I held my nose and voted for John McCain. My goal was to keep Bush off the ballot in November. McCain won here in Massachusetts but lost on Super Tuesday.

The lesson to be learned from Super Tuesday is that, despite the debacles of Bush-Quayle and Clinton-Gore, honest, down-to-earth,  independent-thinking candidates who are political outsiders  -- even at the school committee level -- donít appear to stand a chance against the established power structure.

I donít know who Iíll be voting for in November. Certainly not for Bush. And Tipper Goreís longtime link to the Parents Music Resource Center and her association with ultraconservative Reagan-era wives worry me. This is a  way in the back door to the White House for the Religious Right. An Al Gore presidency is also anti-privacy. According to Privacy Journal, March 2000, Gore pushed for strip searches in airports, x-ray machines in airports, national ID cards, a ban on encryption, and FBI power over new phone technology.

As the gap between the nationís founding ideals and reality continues to widen for a good citizen like me, I  publish EIDOS as a way of allowing alternative ideas, values and interests to compete with mainstream voices -- in a peaceful manner.  

Hopefully, in a truly constitutional democracy, We the People, as outsiders, will be able to reconcile our differences and our truths with the duplicitous elitists who oppress and demonize us --  without ultimately resorting to violence.

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Abortion:  Can We Find Common Ground?
by Brenda Loew

(EIDOS News Service)  As many of you already know, I worked very closely with pioneering birth control and reproductive freedom crusader Bill Baird from 1985-1999. In March 1999 I came to the realization that for a variety of personal, professional reasons, including Billís utter lack of civility towards me, I could no longer work with Bill. In order to preserve my dignity and self-respect, I terminated my activism with him .

One year later, on Wednesday, March 15, 2000, I attended the ARCO Forum of Public Affairs at Harvard Universityís  JFK School of Governmentís Institute of Politics. I have attended this Forum many times in the past. This event was a panel discussion on the topic: ABORTION: CAN WE EVER FIND COMMON GROUND?"

In all the years I had attended Forum events, I had never before seen yellow police tape cordoning off the entrance to the building. Nor had I ever seen so many police officers stationed on alert --  except maybe over ten years ago at abortion clinics during the height of Operation Rescueís clinic blockades.

Six hundred people attended the 2 hour standing room only event. Senator Al Simpson introduced the topic saying it was the first time in twenty years the school had addressed the abortion issue; that the goal of the eveningís event was "civility, common ground and the raising of consciousness, not hell." 

Panelists included my former colleague Bill Baird, Director, Pro-Choice League, Gloria Feldt, President of Planned Parenthood, Serrin Foster, President of Feminists for Life of America, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, Author "The Hand of God" and Founding Member of NARAL. Senator Al Simpson (R, WY) was moderator. The event was co-sponsored by the Harvard Students for Choice, the Harvard Students for Life, and the Institute of Politics Student Advisory Committee.

Each panelist  spoke for five minutes on the subject of how they became involved in the abortion issue. Harvard students then asked the panelists questions. 

The usual issues came up: the morality of abortion, privacy rights, personal autonomy, a womanís right to control her body and her life, the definition of  "personhood", the mentally-ill lunatic fringe, the mainstream image of abortion, abortion providers and doctors who perform abortions, eugenics, reproductive rights as domestic and international human rights issues, problems with the U.S. political system, the need to resolve the abortion debate and issues surrounding abortion socially rather than constitutionally.

Senator Simpson concluded the evening first by thanking everyone in attendance for behaving so well, then by adding that passion and commitment to this issue is acceptable but violence is not the answer. He emphasized that abortion is an intimate and personal decision that is  made by weighing moral, ethical and theological issues that ground people in their views.

Physically, Bill looks good and his arguments are as logical as ever. Personally, however, the manís is much more angry, bitter, argumentative and confrontational than I ever knew him to be in a public forum. I was embarrassed for him at times during the evening and felt very sad.  Bill is clearly isolated on the fringe of the pro-choice issue.  

Nevertheless, after the event was over, I called out to Bill  just as he was exiting the building. I was somehow able to dash by all the police bodyguards who were escorting him.  We shook hands. He said hello to me but I donít even know if Bill really knew it was me.

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Mr. Death (Fred Leuchter), Anti-Semitism and EIDOS
by Brenda Loew

Bill Baird, Brenda Loew and Fred Leuchter, Boston University, 1987.

(EIDOS News Service) Anti-Semitism is on the rise in America and Americans are being conditioned to tolerate it. Once all the Nazi Holocaust survivors have died, thereíll be no more eyewitnesses to recall the killing of Jews in Hitlerís gas chambers.. That is what Holocaust Revisionists are waiting for.

Recently, there has been a rash of anti-Semitic incidents in the city of Newton, MA, where I live. Newton, an affluent suburb with a large Jewish population, is located right next to Brookline where the lone anti-abortion terrorist gunman John Salvi assassinated two abortion clinic workers in the mid-1990ís. Brookline is also know for its large Jewish population.

The latest incident in Newton involves a letter containing obscene, anti-Semitic language that extols the Aryan race, makes sexual threats and refers to Hitler. It was sent to a housemaster at Newton North High School. A "Top 10 Hitlist" was written above the names of four students. The Newton police have not released the contents of the letter to the press but police Lt. Paul Anastasia told the press "...students and their parents donít feel itís threatening."

They donít feel itís threatening? Is something wrong with this picture?

Something was also very wrong when award-winning film director Errol Morrisí "Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter Jr."  was released this past winter in movie theatres across America. The documentary, about a Massachusetts man who designed execution systems in the 1980ís for state penal systems and wrote the "Leuchter Report", a bible for Holocaust revisionists,  received rave reviews in the mainstream press and was praised by critics nationwide. It was even expected to be in contention for an Academy Award. 

So what was wrong with all this? What was wrong was Americaís Jewish community fell silent. They did not protest this movie. Their silence left me dumbfounded.

Last year, I was also distressed when the Motion Picture Academy honored McCarthyite Elia Kazan because very few people protested.

Is some kind of pattern forming, I wonder? Why did the Motion Picture Academy honor a Nazi sympathizer like Kazan? Why did Hollywood and the mainstream media lionize Nazi Holocaust revisionist Fred Leuchter?  Why arenít people speaking out in protest? What is wrong with this picture.

Frankly, the Morris film about Fred Leuchter is also a personal matter with me.

In the mid-1980ís, I was introduced to Fred Leuchter through a mutual business contact. At that time I knew Fred was communicating with numerous states (Missouri, Illinois, Alabama) both for his execution equipment and "expertise" as a lethal injection specialist. He referred to himself as a "medical engineer". To the best of my personal knowledge,  Fred was not involved with Holocaust revisionists when I knew him.

In the Spring of 1987, I worked with Fred Leuchter toward a national AIDS telethon. Fred told the media he had been hired by abortion rights activist Bill Baird to do public relations and fund raising for the Bill Baird AIDS Awareness Fund. He arranged to bring Bill Baird to Boston to lead the Emerson College Safer Sex Event and March. That was how I met Bill Baird.

Fred next wanted to buy all the shares of EIDOS magazine owned by our mutual business contact. He wanted to become my partner and a co-owner. He was a fucking control freak. And that was the straw that broke the camelís back.

The bottom line is this:

We the people, collectively as a nation and individually, are slowly being conditioned into tolerating the intolerable.

I ask: How much will you tolerate before you realize itís too late for you, personally?  Or for the United States, as a nation?

I am a huge supporter of independent media. Although I have appeared  radio and TV shows and newscasts more than a hundred times, I have never had an opportunity to host a TV show before. Therefore, I have accepted an invitation extended to me by Newton native and longtime Newton TV talk show host Jackie Morrissey to host his controversial public access cable TV show, Newton Talk, from time to time. Together with publishing this newsletter and the EIDOS.org website, I fully intend to use Newton Talk to speak out and discuss topics such as these on television.

Today, fewer and fewer people are taking a public stand on hot button issues which some of us, like myself and Jackie Morrissey, are compelled to.  As a good citizen, I believe itís my civic responsibility to speak out on these issues.

Itís my way of performing a service to the local, national and global community I live in.

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Unethical Co-op America Business Network Controlled by Cowardly PC Leftist Fascists 
by Brenda Loew

(EIDOS News Service) Co-op America Business Network (CABN) claims it members are  "socially and environmentally responsible and strive to operate in a socially just and environmentally sustainable manner." But what about the organizationís leadership? If you ask me they are a bunch of unethical cowardly PC leftist fascists.

In June 1999, at the suggestion of Hall Brill, co-author of Investing With Your Values: Making Money And Making A Difference (Bloomberg Press, Princeton, NJ, 1999), EIDOS joined the Co-op American Business Network.  We sent our check, signed the Co-op America Green Business Ethics Pledge and took the Woodwise "No Old Growth Trees" Pledge. We requested Co-Op America to list EIDOS  under the Human Rights category in Co-op Americaís
forthcoming Green Pages 2000.

Shortly after submitting our application, EIDOS received a certificate signed by  Chris OíBrien on behalf of CABN  that reads: "National Green Pages 1999-2000 This is to certify that EIDOS MAGAZINE has been approved for inclusion in the Green Pages directory, Americaís honor roll of green companies, and pledges to conduct business according to standards that reach beyond contemporary practices in addressing the needs of consumers, the community and the environment."

I had the certificate framed. It hangs in a prominent location in my office..

Towards the end of the year, my member copy of Co-Op Americaís National Green Pages 2000 directory arrived --  but EIDOS was not listed anywhere in it. I immediately called Chris OíBrien in Washington, DC to find out why we had been excluded. He told me point blank that a small group  within the organization had decided that they did not want EIDOS as a member in CABN and that our membership fee was to be returned. Chris asked me if I had received a letter to that effect and a check and I said no I hadnít. He seemed surprised but I certainly wasnít.

Shortly thereafter, a check did arrive from CABN made out to EIDOS in the amount of our original membership payment fee. However, no letter accompanied the check and to this day I have still not received a letter explaining why EIDOS was tossed out CABN.

For a non-profit organization that forces all potential new members to sign a Business Ethics Pledge, the Co-op America Business Network ranks as the most unethical organization I have ever done business with in sixteen years of publishing EIDOS.

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Veterans of Foreign Wars Awards Brenda Loew Patriotic Citizen Award
by Brenda Loew

(EIDOS News Service) Recently I was awarded a special "Patriotic Citizen Award" from Newton Post 1664 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The Post shows appreciation to members of the city of Newton who by their own choice daily display the national flag.

The inscription reads:

"Given in grateful appreciation for unsolicited inspirational patriotic service to the community through the daily display of our National Flag"

I am very honored to have received this award and I have placed it in a very prominent location in my office.

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