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by Brenda Loew 

(EIDOS News Service) Since 1984, EIDOS has forged a path towards social
and political change by advocating freedom of sexual and erotic expression
for consenting adults who value their first amendments rights to personal
freedom in the Thomas Jefferson tradition of a wall of separation between
church and state. Non-mainstream spiritualities, including Pagans, Wiccans,
Deists, Atheists, Secular Humanists, Hindus and others have always supported
EIDOS' mission and message. In 2001, not only is EVERYONE IS DOING

I was born Jewish. However, as an adult, I primarily self-identify as a born
again Pagan in the old Celtic tradition. Pagan ethics teaches "If it harms
none, it is permissible, do what you will."

"...Pagans celebrate sexuality as a holy act that respects unmarried and
married women's sexual and reproductive limits. Pagans have a positive
attitude about sexuality and about their bodies...." (The Truth About
Neo-Paganism. Anodea Judith. Llewellyn, St Paul, MN. 1994.)

"...Sex between consenting adults is natural and permissible provided both
parties take sensible and mature safeguards against emotional exploitation,
unwanted pregnancy and health hazards. They do not believe in sex with
goats or those under the legal age of consent. in fact, Pagan sexual
morality is usually stricter than that practiced in secular society...They
do not believe themselves that Christianity is the best religion for all,
but they respect the fact that it is seen by many as a valid spiritual
path...Most Pagans would also go beyond this to its converse: evil must not
allowed to go unchecked. Tolerance is an impotant aspect of Paganism, but it
does not mean tolerance of evil. Oppression and suppression of one part of
the population by another and religious and political regimes that support
this are wrong. It is important to remember that democracy was a Pagan
invention devised by the ancient Greeks. Authoritarian religions tend to
support authoritarian political regimes that practise racism, sexism and
oppression of anyone who dissents. These manifestations become particularly
apparent when religion is in control of the state. The principles of
Paganism are in accord with a secular state in which all have a democratic
voice and which allows religious freedom to all, while ensuring that those
religions do not deny the basic rights of human self-determination to their
members. In order to have such a state, channels of communication and
peaceful protest must be in place. Systems that allow the media to be
dominated by particular religious, political or corporate interests and
which prevent ordinary people from expressing dissent to government policy
to not accord with 'if it harms none' because they take no account of the
legitimate concens of the people...." (Paganism. Vivianne Crowley. Thorsons
Principles of Paganism Series. HarperCollins Publishers. London, San
Francisco. 1996.)

>From its very beginning, the Christian Nation has been on a crusade to
covert or otherwise eliminate heathen non-Christians. The following
blueprint offers one explaination as to how Christianity co-opted Celtic

"The Christian Church used several methods to finally convert the Celtic
pagan population. It took over the sacred holidays; hence, Yule became
Christmnas (even though some say Jesus was born in February), Imbolc became
Easter, Samhain became Halloween, and so forth. The pagan Horned God,
Kernunnos, became the Christian Devil, and the pagan Triple Goddess became
Mary, the virgin (Maid) and the Mother. The Crone aspect of the Goddess was
lost to the Christian patriarchy. The Crone was wild, willful, and wise, and
hence, a threat to the new patriarchal order. Many of the other pagan
deities were transformed into Christian saints. The old sites and temples of
worship were seized, and in many case, Christian churches were built
directly over ancient pagan ruins and foundations. The early Church did not
always destroy pagan temples, but it destroyed the pagan idols, replacing
them with Christian ones." (Pocket Guide to Celtic Spirituality. Sirona
Knight. The Crossing Press Pocket Series. The Crossing Press. Freedom, CA.

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by Brenda Loew 


America's Far Left consists of arrogant, ruthless socialists and communists
who will go to any extreme to win. These schemers on the radical fringe
foolishly voted for Ralph Nader. Their tactics and ideology cost them the
last election and they have only themselves to blame for Al's Gore's loss,
George W. Bush's appointment of John Ashcroft as Attorney General and the
the Far Rights' resurrection of America's culture wars of the 1980's.

When will these crybabies ever learn? Never! They got exactly what they

For example, here's an example of a very divisive message sent via email to
EIDOS from America's foremost swingers' organization, the Hollywood-linked
Lifestyles Organization:

....There are rumblings and rumors flying that during the Bush
Administration, government is going to resurrect the battle to close swing
clubs in this country. It is suspected that pandering laws will be utilized
against clubs to put them out of business. Of course, as we have seen
countless times, getting a filing and conviction is virtually impossible,
but after the legal battle is waged who ends up broke?

Isn't it interesting that the people of Missouri elected a dead man for
governor over Attorney General nominee John Ashcroft. What does that say
about him?

Tip of the week: 
Please stress on your web site that you club is private requires
membership. You have much more protection if you are a private organization.
In addition to that, most lifestyle couples are not that terribly interested
in porn. Keep the porn off your site or to a minimum. It attracts

Stay tuned for regular broadcasts to keep you informed.


Tony Lanzaratta 
Executive Director
714 229-4870

Leaders of the commercial swingers industry are reacting to the conservative
social agenda of the newly re-enfranchised Far Right by ridiculously
claiming the moral high ground for their "undesireable" anti-Christian
lifestyle activities. They are doing this by suddenly severing their
longstanding alliance with the commerical porn industry and amateur porn.
Does the commercial swingers industry really believe swinging is more
acceptable to the theofascist Christian right than commercial porn and
amateur porn? If so, the far left commie bigots running the commercial
swing industry are a bunch of ignorant buffoons who learned absolutely
nothing from the Culture Wars of the 1980's!

EIDOS predicts that, during Bush/Cheney, swingers and pornographers will
hang separately. 

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by Brenda Loew

(EIDOS NEWS SERVICE ) The old pagan traditions were defeated by Roman
Christianity because the pagan world did not unite against a common
spiritual enemy. To this day, the Roman Catholic Church stands united as a
religious nation intolerant of dissent from within its ranks. On the other
hand, Protestantism, with its many strands, is a fragmented religion in
decline. Judaism, also a fragmented religion with many strands, is declining
even more rapidly. Jews are truly an endangered species. Many thousands of
web pages address this issue. We know why America's mainstream corporate
media do not. 

In the United States, the majority of Protestants and Jews are pro-choice
and support reproductive freedom to birth control and abortion. However,
"good" American Catholics are anti-birth control and anti-abortion -- as are
Muslims. There are now more Muslims than Jews in America and Catholics
outnumber everybody.

Rabbi Berel Wein of The Destiny Foundation (www.jewishdestiny.com) stated in
his 2/2/01 column, "...since the Torah guaranteed us that we would always be
'the smallest of all nations' and that our special role in God's scheme of
things is 'not because of large numbers', it is hardly surprising that there
are relatively speaking so few of us. Yet...there can be no Judaism without
living Jews. And especially for the beleaguered State of Israel, a larger
population is a necessity for survival....At the beginning of the twentieth
century the Jewish population stood at over fifteen million and at the time
of the outbreak of World War II there were eighteen million Jews in the
world...This was probably the high water mark of Jewish population in all of
Jewish history....In the almost sixty years since the end of that war, the
Jewish population has increased only slightly. But this is no longer due to
persecution but rather to the ravages of assimilation in North and South
America and Western Europe. Intermarriage, alienation from Judaism, the
melting away of Jewish family ties, has all contributed to the steep decline
in the number of people who now identify themselves as being Jewish. Jews in
the Western democratic countries have a phenomenaly low birth rate, not even
guaranteeing replacement of numbers. The Orthodox population has grown and
does have a high birth rate, but the Orthodox are still only a small part of
the overall picture of Jewish demography in Western countries. A high and
still rising divorce rate in the Jewish community, a plethora of 'singles',
women with careers who delay and even forgo having children are also
contributing factors....The Jewish people need a rebirth of spirit and
confidence, of pride and knowledge. We also need more Jews in order to
fulfill our Godly destiny."

As a born-again Celtic Pagan Jew, I support the right of Orthodox, Hasidic,
Lubavicher and Rashi Jewish women to freely choose to practice pro-life

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by Brenda Loew

(EIDOS News Service) Sonoma State University's Project Censored
(www.projectcensored.org) has invited EIDOS to join other media activists,
alternative news publications, and independent radio and TV in San Francisco
on April 27-29, 2001, for the Press Freedom Conference and Alternative News
Media Exposition: 

"...We are celebrating "Real News" and building interconnections for sharing
news with each other in the expansion of progressive information networks.
You are part of a global movement to free the media by building alternative
news and information service. Please join us."

"...Real News is media information that contributes to the lives and
socio-political understandings of working people. Real News informs,
balances, and awakens the less powerful in society. Real News empowers and
keeps key segments of working people in America tuned in, informed and
active. Real News builds movements for social change. It keeps the 10-15% of
us -- those who as activists seek to make radical (root) changes in society
-- connected, aware and heart centered. It keeps us aware of our power and
our collective ability to influence positive change. Real News organizes
movement towards betterment, shapes policy for equality. Real News speaks
truth to power and challenges the hegemonic top-down corporate entertainment
news systems..."

"Every day Real News is published in hundreds of non-corporate alternative
newsmagazines, local weeklys, zines and independent newspapers around the
globe. In the past year, Real News has appeared on Indymedia web sites in
over 30 cities in the U.S. as well as in over a dozen other countires. Real
News is annually honored by Sonoma State University's Project Censored,
where the Top 25 Real News stories not covered by the corporate media are
published in the books 'Censored: the News That Didn't Make the News.'"
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by Brenda Loew

One major reason why independently wealthy individuals often successfully
run for political office is because their political enemies can't harm them
financially/economically. I learned this the hard way, through my own
experience as a political candidate for public office.

In 1999, I had been employed for almost 18 months as a telemarketer with a
local newspaper publishing company, Community Newspapers, owned by Fidelity
Investments when I entered a local political race for school committee. A
couple of months into the political season, I took a position on the
controversial issue of statewide MCAS testing that was adversarial to both
my opponent's (the incumbent) and my employer's positions. I was anti-MCAS.

Shortly thereafter I also learned that my opponent's political activities
were linked to the economic interests of the company I worked for. Within a
month, I was fired from Community Newspapers on trumped up charges of

In no time, SmarterKids.com hired me. I soon discovered they were also
pro-MCAS testing and just as solidly linked to the State's educational
power elite and my adversary and my former employer. As soon as I lost the
election in November, SmarterKids.com fired me. In retrospect, I believe
this dot.com company hired me in order to monitor my political activities
throughout the campaign season.

Despite being unemployed and collecting unemployment thru June 2000, I
fought my sign stealing opponent and her husband, pro se, in Middlesex
Superior Court until I succeeded in December 2000. Although I established 4
Paws Dog Walking (I am bonded and insured and a member of Pet Sitters
International, www. petsit.com) to earn some money for myself during that
period, I, unfortunately, still have not recovered from the economic losses
I sustained from being unemployed for so long.

There is a silver lining, however. Superior Court Judge Van Gestel was so
impressed with me as a pro se litigant during our hearing that he suggested
I consider a career as a lawyer. Instead I enrolled in a certificate program
in paralegal studies at Northeastern University and was awarded the
certificate in December 2000.

Shortly thereafter, I was invited to become a Director of Newton Taxpayers
Association (newtontaxpayers.bizland.com). Founded in 1936, Newton Taxpayers
Association is Newton's oldest citywide organization. "Our role is to
monitor and report to all our city's taxing and spending relative to
inflation and its efficiency in delivering needed services."

Being a certificated paralegal with pro se experience, I recently started a
new organization, Friends of Pro Se. I already have pro se clients
litigating at the District Court and Superior Court levels and will continue
to assist any pro se litigant seeking legal document preparation -- for a
fee, of course. In fact, Robert Ellis Smith of Privacy Journal
(www.privacyjournal.net) is publishing the following letter I wrote and
Private Citizen (www.private-citizen.com) wants to have a personal, private
conversation with me about my former employment experiences as a

Dear Privacy Journal,

Thank you for directing me to Private Citizen http://private-citizen.com.

I am joining the organization for both personal and professional reasons. I
wish to be left alone to enjoy peace and quiet in my home by protecting my
privacy from junk mail business advertising and junk phone calls from sales
people, non-profit organizations and surveys. Prior to earning a
certificate in paralegal studies, I worked full time for several years as a
professional telemarketer with full benefits for a large private publishing
company in the Boston area. I speak from personal knowledge when I say that
the corporation I represented abused consumers on their telephone calling
lists. Management would knowingly program the predictive dialer to
automatically dial the same household phone number repeatedly even during
one 4 hour shift between the hours of 5-9pm, weeknights, Sundays and
holidays. Angry local residential customers often demanded "take me off your
list." However, unless the consumer actually requested a letter in writing
on the company letterhead verifying that they had been "taken off the list"
management did absolutely nothing. Over the years, this modus operandi
created much ill will towards the company. What I like about Private Citizen
is that members are able to collect the $500 fee both in and out of court as
pro se litigants.I have been an advocate of pro se litigation even before
becoming a paralegal. I have been a pro se plaintiff representing myself in
my own lawsuit at the Superior Court level and have also assisted other pro
se plaintiffs with their lawsuits at the District Court and Superior Court
levels. Recently, I formed a Friends of Pro Se group. One of our issues will
now include advising and assisting others seeking to collect the $500 fee
for damages resulting from violations under the Telephone Consumer
Protection Act when a telemarketer fails to abide by the required "Do Not
Call" list. 

Thanks again for the heads-up!

Brenda Loew
Certificated Paralegal
Friends of Pro Se
Boston, MA

With regard to the unjustness of the circumstances surrounding my
deliberately contrived termination from Community Newspapers, I have no
problem blowing the whistle on them!

I believe in living a balanced life, emotionally, physically,
sexually/sensually, spiritually, economically, politically and otherwise. In
January, I enrolled in the Nail Technician course at Bojack Academy in West
Roxbury, MA. This 100 hour program leads to state licensure as a manicurist
and pedicurist. My professional goal is to offer natural basic manicures and
pedicures with reflexology and reiki. On March 10, 2001, I officially became
initiated as a Reiki practitioner in the Shamballa lineage.

As a result of my affiliation with the Fully Informed Jury Association
(FIJA; www.fija.org) as a Massachusetts contact person, I was invited by
Doug Casey, one of FIJA's director, to participate in ERIS SOCIETY's
(www.erissociety.org) annual event in Aspen, CO in August 2001. My
presentation will be on sexual freedom and related topics, including 18 USC
2257. Doug is working out travel and lodging for me. More later.......

Lastly, please visit the newly revised EIDOS website at www.eidos.org. EIDOS
has always stood for the highest constitutional ideals, the most
humanitarian principles and the most enlightened philosophical worldviews
relative to sexual freedom, the first amendment and privacy rights for
freethinking consenting adults. The EIDOS website has been redesigned to
more accurately present a more holistic balance between personal freedom of
sexual and sensual/erotic expression, alternative lifestyle choices and

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May I use your message as a letter to the editor?

I certainly sympathize with your objection to make full disclosures in order
to qualify for office, even minor offices. It has certainly deterred me from
running for office. In RI I have to fill out a conflict-of-interest form for
an appointed office, but it merely asks for disclosure of business over a
certain amount done with the state government, major non-bank debts, and
major company ownership. Still, it asks for the names of my children, which
I object to.

I believe that courts over the years have upheld these disclosure
requirements, although I have not followed the case law closely.

I hope that you will mention in your publication my new book on privacy in
U.S. history. It includes a chapter on changing attitudes about sex since
the Colonial period and on changing views towards sexual privacy. More
information follows:

Robert Ellis Smith, Publisher, Privacy Journal
ellis84@ma.ultranet.com 401/274-7861
PO Box 28577, Providence RI 02908


Hello Brenda. Will the official beginning of the new Millennium be
witness to the extraordinary Odyssey of your (Beloved) EIDOS in whatever
form you may shape it? I do hope so, a world without EIDOS is like an
asshole without a F***.

Now that Son of New World Order "W" has stolen the election the Nation's
going suck more (not that it isn't sucking allready) though sucking really
should be left for other things, not our Country. Just think of all the
things we could be sucking instead, we could suck a nose and the bigger the
nose the more there is to suck, or we could suck a toe or better yet all 10
salty toes and to think of all there is to suck between our noses and our
toes? Mmmm makes one's mouth water let alone one's C*** wet and one's C***
hard and one's nostril's to flair at thescent of all there is to suck, Ya
2001 is going to, quoting Dick Cheney, suck "Big Time". Happy New Year,

Robert "To Fist is to Live, Everything else is just Waiting"


Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me in just a few words (so I get
the idea) what the following are about as stated in your mag: pagan, wiccan,
New Age, humanism?

Also, do you know if any of them are tolerant of girl lovers?
(or are there any others that are?)

Thank you so much,




Eidos.org is nice. Sex is on everyones mind these days isn't it? Looking
forward to seeing a copy of your magazine. I've heard some nice things about
it, and I assume I will enjoy it too.Thanks!

Paul Houston



The last print issue of Libido: The Journal of Sex and Sensibility was
the Fall 2000 issue. Our online magazine is www.libidomag.com. Our way of
dealing with subscriptions is to not have them. Electronic Libido is free --
our hope is that we'll generate enough traffic that way to sell our products
(hint, hint...) and attract banner advertisers.

We may be wrong about the viability of this, but I guess we'll find out.
Meantime, do drop in:

We may not be free forever.

Happy holidays. 

Jack Hafferkamp

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Private Citizen 

Eris Society

Green Singles Newsletter

Individualist Feminists/Wendy McElroy

Delectus Books

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If you live in the Newton/Needham, MA areas, EIDOS founder/publisher Brenda
Loew will feed, water and walk/exercise your dog, feed you fish and frogs,
take in your mail and newspapers, turn your lights on and off and give your
house that lived in appearance while you are away weekends. Brenda is
available Fridays eves, Saturdays and Sundays. She charges a flat rate of
$15 per visit to your household. Email her at eidos@eidos.org for more

EIDOS founder/publisher Brenda Loew is a certificated paralegal and pro se
advocate. She will assist you with preparation of your legal documents for a
fixed fee at prevailing market rates. For more info, email Brenda with your
legal issue at eidos@eidos.org

EIDOS founder/publisher Brenda Loew is a Shamballa Reiki practitioner.
Shamballa Reiki is wholeness healing for the soul/mind/body and community.
Shamballa Reiki is a tool for personal empowerment, spiritual growth and
physical issues. Shamballa Reiki heals addictions, stress, sleeplessness,
etc. As a practitioner, Brenda offers 10 minute hands-on energy healing
sessions -- by appointment only -- to other people, animals, plants and the
Earth. Contact Brenda at eidos@eidos.org to discuss receiving an

Forthcoming: EIDOS founder Brenda Loew is preparing to be licensed by the
State of Massachusetts as a Nail Technician. Brenda will soon be offering
natural basic manicures and pedicures using formaldehyde free products. She
will supplement her service by additionally offering aromatherapy,
reflexology and paraffin wax hand and foot treatments...... More later

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Brian Burch

Walking a fine line between establishment complacency and non-violent
resistance is never easy. One day I appeared in court to set a date for a
trial for having participated in a demonstration organized by Homes Not
Bombs. Two days later I met with the Minister of Housing to discuss mutual
concerns around transferring of responsibilities for non-profit and social
housing to Ontario municipalities. On occasion I can be found at events
organized by The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty. On other occasions I
can be found meeting with executives from the Royal Bank or participating
in the celebration of a mass using the Tridentene Rite or conducting
workshops in the theory and history of anarchism and non-violence.
Maintaining a balance when walking between these diverse worlds requires a
strong fulcrum, a centre point where what may seem to be mutually exclusive
can meet.

There is a great deal of stress that arises when trying to balance
between street level radicalism and participation in traditional
activities, when trying to both be a part of the life of dominant society
and to stand as one of its critics. Perhaps this is akin to Martin Luther
King's effort to use creative tension to transform society. The tension
that arises when being both an insider and an outsider can indeed be
transforming, but it is always frightening.

It may be easier to be a part of both worlds if one is strongly
committed to values that permit seeing some commonality in what may appear
to be widely different situations.

An anarchist, for example, with a view that all forms of
hierarchical and institutionalized authority are harmful both to those with
power and those without it may find it somewhat easier to deal with
institutions on a equal footing. A Christian, with a belief that there is
an aspect of divinity in all people, may find it easier to engage in
conversation with people holding contrary views. A non-violent activist,
who believes that the use of verbal or physical force against another is
wrong, may find it easier to not view those with opposing values as the

Alternatively, one could just maintain a focused way of life and
not move in different circles. That way it is easier to avoid feeling
confusion over personal identity and tensions over what could happen if
various potentially conflicting values need to be addressed at once. There
is indeed a certain harmony that arises when there is some stability in

One of the more harmful aspects of our society is the rarity of
people comfortably breaking through barriers. There may be advances in
employment equity, for example, but how much time do those who hire and
fire actually spend with the unemployed or marginally employed or indeed
with the homeless? How much time does the average baseball fan spend with
painters? How often do we truly welcome youth into the real decision
making processes of organizations that are supposed to assist them? If we
can't cross these minor barriers, when will we gladly and joyously cross
the major ones such as between the pro-choice and the pro-life movements or
prisoner rights and victims rights efforts or between the gay, lesbian,
bisexual and transgendered communities and conservative religious bodies?
I have found that cabinet members and bank executives will try to
find common ground with their critics. I have found that those that block
the doorways in protest against homelessness can also find ways of dealing
practically with homelessness through developing new housing projects. I
have found that anarchists have found ways of feeding hundreds of people in
a co-operative and compassionate manner with the support of local
businesses and community organizations. This requires a willingness to
take the risk of rejection and accept the possibility of successful
communications with those one may at other times have phenomenal
disagreements with.

Finding a balance that permits working with opposing groups, that
encourages open communication and personal sharing is a revolutionary
act---an essential component to radical social change. Perhaps non-violent
Christian anarchists have it easy. We consistently have to balance various
potentially conflicting views as we work out the tensions between our
faith, ideology and movements to define ourselves and the just world we try
to help build and sustain.


Brian Burch is a Toronto-based writer and activist. He is a proud member of
United Auto Workers Local 1981---The National Writers Union. Contact him at:
Resources for Radicals, 20 Spruce St., Toronto, Ontario M5A 2H7, Canada.
Email: burch@tao.ca 

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Brenda Loew is a certificated paralegal, the founder of Friends of Pro Se, a
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Aside from EIDOS, Brenda's most recently published work has appeared in
EarthStar, FATE, PHAROS, and The Affiliate and is forthcoming in Privacy


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