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Volume 12 Number 2 Issue #46 Winter 2001-'02
ISSN 0740-8307 Established in 1984

Founder/Publisher/Editor: Brenda Loew

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In This Issue:

Let Voters Beware of Domestic As Well As Foreign (Theo)Fascist Zealots On A
Mission Masquerading as Politicians

Is Osama Bin Laden Gay? Male Sexuality and Eroticism in Muslim Societies

Displaying Our National Flag and Saying the Pledge of Allegience in the
Public Schools Is Mandated By State Law. But What's The Penalty for

This Is How the Mainstream Media and Our Trusted Elected Officials Get Away
With Defamation

Guest Commentary: The Wake Up Call of Words

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Let Voters Beware of Domestic As Well As Foreign (Theo)fascist Zealots On A
Mission Masquerading as Politicans

By Brenda Loew

EIDOS Is Back. 
Think Global Politics.
Act Local Politics.

Two years ago, in 1999, when I ran for a seat on the local school board, I
suspended publication of the printed (tree version) of EIDOS. This time,
EIDOS was offline for several months because I made it on to the November
6th ballot. I ran for Alderman-At-Large in the City of Newton, MA where I

Since founding EIDOS in 1993, the only other time I suspended publication
was in 1985 when the conservative selectman in the town of Milton, MA -- in
a disguised, deliberate act of selective censorship -- alleged zoning
violations against me in an attempt to shut EIDOS down and run me out of

As the founder of an independent, alternative, radical publication with a
global readership that defends, advocates and promotes Sexual Freedom for
Consenting Adults as a Constitutional, Civil and Human Right and as a
two-time candidate for elected office I have personal knowledge of what it's
like to experience political zealotry driven by ideology.

Ideologues who are activist political zealots live in a black and white
world where every issue is divided into a war consisting of "us" vs
"them." Zealots and ideologues disdain compromise. During America's Culture
War of the 1980's the Religious Right's Reverend Pat Robertson ran a failed
campaign for President of the United States but both he and the Moral
Majority's Reverend Jerry Falwell nevertheless wielded alot of political
clout with Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush during the era of

The theofascists are still making news today. (see: Is Osama Bin Laden Gay?
Male Sexuality and Eroticism in Muslim Countries)

Extreme examples of famous politicians driven by extremist fascist and/or
theofascist political ideology: Hitler, Stalin and Osama Bin Laden.

Examples of not-so-famous local politicians driven by ideology: Milton's
censorious, conservative, white male Board of Selectman and Newton's very
own politically-correct, very far left of center, tax and spend, Big
Government fascist socialist Establishment.

During my run for school committee, Newton's so-called trusted elected
officials stole my political signs and got caught. We settled that dispute
out of court. During this campaign for Alderman-At- Large, I was demonized
during private conversations my opponents and their constituents had with
others in the community. They called me names and even went far as to order
the local newspaper to publish outright lies about me. (see: THIS IS How the
Mainstream Media and Our Trusted Elected Officials Get Away With Defamation)

Politicians who truly serve the general public interest see the world in
shades of grey and understand the need for compromise. It's called
RealPolitick, not Political Zealotry Driven by No-Holds Barred Ideology.

During these perilous times of crisis: Let Voters Beware of Domestic As Well
As Foreign Fascist and Theofascist Zealots On A Mission Masquerading as

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Is Osama Bin Laden Gay? Male Sexuality and Eroticism in Muslim Countries

by Brenda Loew 

As some of you already know, I am a professional manicurist, registered and
licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Immediately after Osama Bin Laden was exposed as the Evildoer responsible
for the September 11 acts of terror my best friends in the Cosmetology
field called me to tell me they were all convinced Osama was gay. "Take a
look at his fingernails and his eyebrows," they urged me. "We're telling you
this guy's gay."

Personally I believe Bin Laden is in fact a repressed homosexual living a
secret life in a Muslim world that condemns homosexuality. This wealthy
cave-dwelling misfit's self-loathing has manifested itself as murderous
hatred towards anything and everyone. The Islamic Nazi Osama Bin Laden wants
the world to be as miserable and self-loathing as he is.

Many people believe Adolph Hitler, too, was gay. I do.

Except Hitler didn't have AIDS of course. But from the way Osama Bin Laden
looks in the most recent photos they are showing of him on television, I'm
convinced the guy does have AIDS.

All of this leads me to a book on male-male sexuality in Muslim societies
I've had this book stashed away for years on the shelves in the EIDOS
library . It looks at homosexuality in Morocco, Uzbekistan, Syria, Iran,
Mauritania, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, The
Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, UAE, Israel, Palestinians, etc. The book is
entitled, Sexuality and Eroticism Among Males in Moslem Societies, Edited
by Arno Schmitt and Jehoeda Sofer. 1992. Published by: Harrington Park
Press, Inc, 10 Alice St., Binghamton, NY 13904-1580.

This book lists, county by country, legislation and punishments relative to
sexual activities between males.

For example, Saudi Arabia (where Osama Bin Laden is from):

"A non-Muslim who buggers a Muslim must always be stoned to death...."

Here are some other excerpts:

"...Homosexual behavior (liwat), i.e. sexual acts between members of the
same sex, is considered to be adultery, being sex with an illicit
partner...adultery is sharply condemned by Islamic law as a crime against

"Cursed are the men who behave effeminately, and cursed are the women who
behave in a masculine way."

"...Homosexual behavior is actually considered a revolt against God which
violates the order of the world, and would be a source of evil and anarchy.
In the Koran, homosexual behavior is explcitly condemned: 'And as for the
two of you who are guilt thereof, punish them both. If they repent and mend
their ways, let them be. God is forgiving and merciful'" (4:16)

"...In the Hadith, homosexual behavior is condemned harshly. 'Whenever a
male mounts another male, the throne of God trembles,'... the angels look on
in loathing and say: 'Lord, why do you not command the earth to punish them
and the heaven to rain stones on them?' God replies: 'I am forebearing.
Nothing will escape me. If you see two people who act like the people of
Lot, then kill the active and the passive.'"

"The punishment that the Islamic jurists generally prescribe for adultery,
and therefore also for homosexual behavior, is stoning to death for married
people, and one hundred lashes for unmarried people. Persons who are married
are punished more harshly because their behavior has severe consequences in
regard to property and reputation, and would disrupt the family and the
institution of marriage, both so important for the social
order....punishments are even carried out publicly..."

This book states that western leftists blame the "Evil Capitalist West" for
homosexual western sex tourism (and heterosexual western sex tourism at
so-called "child brothels") that"exploits the misery of the Third World."

In the aftermath of September 11, some of our nation's most vocal
Anti-American "Blame America" leftists include Bill Clinton, Kerry Kennedy
Cuomo, and Howard Zinn.

On the Anti-American Theofascist Religious Far Right, The Reverend Jerry
Falwell, appearing on religious media mogul Pat Robertson's 700 Club
television program, blamed pagans, abortionists, feminists, homosexuals,
the ACLU and the People for the American Way for the September 11 attacks,
stating, "God continues to lift the curtain and allow the enemies of America
to give us probably what we deserve."

Citing abortion, rampant internet porn and limits on prayer in the public
schools, Robertson, a 1988 Presidential candidate, added, "We have a
(Supreme) court that has essentially stuck its finger in God's eye. We have
insulted God at the highest level of our government. Then we say, 'Why does
this happen?"

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Displaying Our National Flag and Saying the Pledge of Allegience in the
Public Schools Is Mandated By State Law. But WHAT'S THE Penalty for

by Brenda Loew 

The City of Newton, MA where I live and where I ran in 1999 for School
Committee and Alderman-At-Large this past November 2001 is in violation of
Title VII Chapter 71 Section 69 of the Massachusetts General Laws. This
statute, which originally became law in 1902, in part, requires School
Committees throughout the state to supply an American flag for display in
every classroom in every school building under its control. The American
flags are required by state law to be manufactured in America of silk or
bunting. School committees are also required to supply all the apparatus for
display of the flag.

Here is a copy of the law:




Chapter 71: Section 69. Display of national flags; pledge of allegiance;
penalty for violation.

Section 69. The school committee shall provide for each schoolhouse under
its control, which is not otherwise supplied, flags of the United States of
silk or bunting not less than two feet long, such flags or bunting to be
manufactured in the United States, and suitable apparatus for their display
as hereinafter provided. A flag shall be displayed, weather permitting, on
the school building or grounds on every school day and on every legal
holiday or day proclaimed by the governor or the President of the United
States for especial observance; provided, that on stormy school days, it
shall be displayed inside the building. A flag shall be displayed in each
assembly hall or other room in each such schoolhouse where the opening
exercises on each school day are held. Each teacher at the commencement of
the first class of each day in all grades in all public schools shall lead
the class in a group recitation of the "Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag". A
flag shall be displayed in each classroom in each such schoolhouse. Failure
for a period of five consecutive days by the principal or teacher in charge
of a school equipped as aforesaid to display the flag as above required, or
failure for a period of two consecutive weeks by a teacher to salute the
flag and recite said pledge as aforesaid, or to cause the pupils under his
charge so to do, shall be punished for every such period by a fine of not
more than five dollars. Failure of the committee to equip a school as herein
provided shall subject the members thereof to a like penalty.

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The City of Newton, often called The People's Republic (just like Cambridge,
MA!), has so many "gay nation" diversity flags flying inside its public
school buildings that it's difficult to count them all. However, in view of
the events and aftermath of September 11 and the rise in patriotic fervor
throughout the city (and the nation), during my campaign my constituents
brought to my attention the fact that there are virtually no American flags
displayed in the public schools. I also discovered while campaigning myself
throughout the City's residential neighborhoods, that more homes than not
had American flags, flag posters, flag decals and other types of American
flag displays prominently attached to their porches, front doors, windows,
cars, lawns, etc. As a result, I emailed the Mayor, the Superintendent of
Schools, each member of the School Committee, Newton's legal department,
Veteran's Services and War Veterans, the Newton Chapter of the Daughters of
the American Revolution and others (see below). I also twice appeared on
public access television in order to draw additional attention to the City's
non-compliance with this state law.

Here is the text of my email and the totally unsatisfactory reply I received
from Newton's Superintendent of Schools, who, by the way, quietly
negotiated a three year salary contract with the City in the outrageous
tamount of nearly $250,000.00 a year (including perks) of taxpayers money:

Brenda- We are in the process of conducting an inventory of the schools to
determine the number of flags we need. Thank you for your interest.

Jeff Young

eidos@eidos.org (Brenda Loew) writes:

October 14, 2001

Attn: Attorney General Tom Reilly, Mayor David Cohen, Newton Board of Alderman,
Newton School Committee, City of Newton Law Department, Candidates for
Office on November 6, Fred Guzzi, Veteran's Services, VFW Post 440, VFW Post
1664, Jewish War Veterans, and others:

I am bringing to your attention Chapter 71 Section 69 of the General Laws of
Massachusetts. This Massachusetts statute requires school committees to
purchase an American flag to be displayed in each classroom in each such
schoolhouse under its control. The Newton School Committee is in clear
violation of this law and each school committee member is subject to its

During these perilous times of crisis, it's all the more important to
nurture love of country and to build a bond amongst the children of Newton
that unites us. Newton's public school age population is heterogeneous. The
American flag is one symbol we all have in common. Cultivating this unity
would be in the best interests of the individual student, the City and the

I demand as a law-abiding citizen and candidate for Alderman-At-Large this
situation be immediately rectified and the city and school committee come
into compliance with the law. Until they do, this is an issue that won't go

Please contact me with your resolution in a reasonably timely fashion.


Brenda Loew


The Massachusetts State Law is not peculiar. Other states, Illinois for
example, have similar laws. In Massachusetts, courts have ruled the pledge
of allegiance is not a religious freedom issue but is "designed to inculcate
patriotism and to instill a recognition of the blessings conferred by
orderly government under constitutions of state and nation, and the study of
such instruction is a proper subject for instruction in the public schools."
Courts have also ruled the Pledge should be recited voluntarily. Teachers
can't be forced to lead the pledge and teachers and students can't be
coerced into reciting the pledge of allegiance. There is no penalty for
refusing to recite the pledge. However, dissident teachers cannot attempt to
improperly propagandize their own political positions or views, nor can they
cause disruption of school work or discipline.

To date, nobody knows if the City intends to comply with this law. The City
hasn't been complying for years. According to the language of the law, all
eight members of the School Committee, as well as the Mayor and
Superintendent of Schools, could be fined thousands of dollars for

Considering that our nation is at war against terrorism and is in this war
for the long haul, some Newton taxpayers are considering filing a complaint
in the courts in order to force the City of Newton to comply with
Massachusetts' flag law.

I'll be one of the first to sign on to this complaint.

Stay tuned.

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THIS IS How the Mainstream Media and Our Trusted Elected Officials Get Away
With Defamation

by Brenda Loew

While out campaigning as a candidate for Alderman-At-Large, is a political
challenger like me who has never served in public office legally considered
a public figure or a private citizen? Frankly, I don't know the answer.

The October 31, 2001 edition of the Newton TAB published its list of
candidates it endorsed in the November 6 election. The TAB did not endorse
me, the challenger, but instead defamed me and endorsed the two white male
incumbents who have each served the City as elected officials for about a
decade and a half. Perhaps the call for term limits may in order further on
down the line. As for now, I want to discuss libel, slander and defamation
because I was slandered and libeled during my campaign and in its aftermath.
I am contemplating the pros and cons of taking action of some kind.

The TAB stated: "As much as we applaud Loew's intention to shake up what
would otherwise be a humdrum race, she has not shown the dedication for
public service, the ability to work with people or a tendency to mediate
situations that the other two candidates have."

Really? The TAB's statement is an outright lie. In fact, throughout the
entire campaign season from July through Novenber, I never once had a
single substantive conversation with any staff member of the TAB about my
candidacy. What they printed in their October 31 edition was most likely
based on hearsay and disinformation, the result of dirty politics by the
incumbents and their supporters. You can bet your ass the anonymous TAB
editor's defamatory remarks cost me innumerable votes. I suppose defamation
is what a challenger can expect from a third rate town newspaper that
everyone knows takes direct orders from Newton City Hall's Political
Establishment. However, on election night when all the votes were counted,
the thousands of votes I earned forced the TAB to admit in their next
edition that I had made a "decent" showing in the election. I am certain
that word, "decent" upset the incumbents, especially one in particular, who
ran into one of my supporters at a local Home Depot and told him I was "a
nut." Gee, the last time I ran for office the incumbent I was running
against and her husband were caught removing (stealing) my political signs.
I ran clean campaigns both times. Do all incumbent politicians have such
flawed morals and ethics? I think so!

According to any Law Dictionary, defamation is the publication of anything
injurious to the good name or reputation of another, or which tends to bring
an individual into disrepute. Libel is the false and malicious publication
printed for the purpose of defaming one who is living. Spoken defamation is
called slander. Libel includes any unprivileged, false and malicious
publication which ...tends to expose a person to public scorn, hatred,
contempt or ridicule...and also embraced therein is any such publication
that relates to a person's office, trade, business or employment, if the
publication imputes to him some incapacity or lack of due qualifications to
fill the position...Public officials and public figures must prove that the
published information is false and that it was published with reckless
disregard for the truth.

My constituents already are urging me to run again in the next election
which is a good sign that I have a very strong city-wide base of support.
Frankly, I don't know what I'll be doing an hour from now but I intend to
stay on top of the issues in the event I decide to give it a whirl for a
third time.

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Dear Brenda,

It was in Sept 98 you wrote me to say that you had printed parts of my
letters in EIDOS magazine and that you would send me a contributor's copy of
the issue in 1999. I have been eager to see the zine expecially as I agree
with you that sexual freedom is a fundamental right and personal freedom of
choice and tolerance for diversity must be encouraged. Please do send me a
free copy for my reading so that i too can contribute my poems etc to your
important publication.

With Greetings and Best wishes
Sincerely yours,
(dr) R K SINGH
Dept of Humanities & Social Sciences
Indian School of Mines
Dhanbad 826004 India


Hello - my name is Amy Frisella and I am employed by the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts for a State Senator. I am investigating a complaint that I
hope you can help me with. One of the Senator's constituents maintains that
jury duty is a form of forced labor that violates the 13th Amendment. Is
there any federal case law or congressional debate that discusses this issue
so that I may reply to this constituent? Have you ever heard of this
argument and what is your reply? I may be reached at
afrisell@senate.state.ma.us or you may call me at the Massachusetts State
House at 617-722-1555. Any assistance you can offer is greatly


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The Wake Up Call of Words
by Todd Tuttle 

I was trained by men who believe that Godıs holy wrath will shower down from
heaven upon any nation who doesnıt repent of sin. Men, who believe that God
will pour out judgment on those who do not believe like they do. Individuals
who do not profess the same beliefs as the religious men who trained me are
labeled heathen, wicked, and sinners. These men taught me passages like,
"The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance: he shall wash his
feet in the blood of the wicked" and "The LORD preserveth all them that love
him: but all the wicked will he destroy." The men who taught me these things
are not Osama bin Laden or rulers of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan .
They are men like Jerry Falwell, and Focus on the Familyıs James Dobson. And
the verses I quoted above are not from the Koran, but from the book of
Psalms, chapters 58:10 and 145:20.

When I heard that Jerry Falwell had made some horrible statements regarding
the terrorist attacks on the 700 club television show, I was not surprised.
Jerry Falwell is my former pastor and the chancellor of my former college,
Liberty University. What is surprising to me is the response that these
comments have received. I am not surprised that these comments are causing
quite a bit of controversy and rightfully so. I am surprised that it has
taken a national tragedy for people to really listen to the words of Jerry
Falwell and Pat Robertson. These men have been saying these kinds of things
for many years. 

Like those who tried to warn our government that terrorist attacks might
occur in this country before last Tuesday, I have committed my life to
trying to educate people on the segregating belief system that is
Fundamentalist Christianity. I am a former fundamentalist Baptist minister,
and after leaving that belief system behind, I am now an out gay man. As
such, I made the list of persons who Falwell believes has awakened Godıs

"I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists,
and the gays and lesbians who are actively trying to make that an
alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People for the American Way < all of them
who have tried to secularize American < I point the finger in their face and
say, OYou helped this happen,ı" Falwell said on the 700 Club.

Jerry Falwell released a statement today regarding the comments he made on
that broadcast. 

"My statements on the "700 Club" on Thursday, September 14th, were called
divisive by some whom I mentioned by name. I had no intention of being
divisive. I was sharing my burden for revival in America on a Christian TV
program, intending to speak to a Christian audience from a theological
perspective about the need for national repentance. In retrospect, I should
have mentioned the national sins without mentioning the organizations and
persons by name." 

It seems that Mr. Falwell thinks that he should have hidden his true
feelings and not mentioned the people he was trying to implicate "by name."
But I am very glad Mr. Falwell let the nation see and hear exactly what he
believes. And it is not just Jerry Falwell. On a September 13th radio
broadcast, Focus on the Familyıs founder, Dr. James Dobson, concurred with
Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

"Yes I believe that the attacks are God's punishment because we are in a
moral decay in this country, with abortion, forcing children to be taught
about homosexuality, removing God from the schools, sexual immorality on
television, and in our government. And this is God's way of punishing the

These words need to be the same kind of wake up call that the terrorist
bombings in New York have been. We all must remember that these men have
huge followings that believe what these religious leaders say. I heard Vice
President Cheney tell the American public on "Meet the Press" this Sunday,
that the Taliban leaders are not "religious" leaders. My question is , "by
whose definition?" Not understanding or agreeing with an extreme religious
position, does not negate the fact that many people would give their lives
for their extreme religious convictions. I would have given my life for
Fundamentalism thirteen years ago.

And to say that Jerry Falwellıs and James Dobsonıs words are not
"Christian," I would again ask, "by whose definition?" We must begin to
understand that there are two competing world views at war here. Simply
labeling a philosophy as not "Christian" or leaders as not "religious"
serves absolutely no purpose in understanding and combating spiritual
terrorism. After all, when these leaders claim to speak for "God" and
proclaim judgment and retribution upon those who differ theologically, then
we are dealing with spiritual terrorism.

Dealing with spiritual terrorism in our country is a very important matter.
There are reports of religious schools in Afghanistan turning out zealous
young men trained in Jihad. There are many churches and religious schools in
our own country that train young people to fight with their very lives a
"spiritual" war with darkness. Darkness was personified this week by
religious leaders Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and James Dobson. They made
it clear that those who differ theologically with them are their enemy as
well as an enemy of their God. But, we must also remember that there are
many religious leaders in our country that believe and teach the exact same
things. We must as a nation, denounce this segregating philosophy, just as
we denounce radical religious Fundamentalism that we find in other parts of
the world. And we must recognize that this philosophy is not only an enemy
of a pluralistic nation, but of individuality and the basic tenants of
freedom itself. 

Todd Tuttle can be reached at ToddTuttle@aol.com. Tuttle is the author of
"Fundamentally Speaking: Fundamentalist Christianityıs Segregation of
America," and a new childrenıs book, "Spot," published by
www.windowbooks.com <http://www.windowbooks.com> .

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