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The Experiences of Two Sex Industry Models:    Part One

By Shaun & Nadia Hilton
Shaun & Nadia's Official XXX Site

Nadia and Shaun have been doing explicit modeling for the major adult publications such as Chic, Playgirl, Hustler, High Society, Cheri, Leg Action, Naughty Neighbors, Genesis, Fiesta, Paramour, EDIOS as well as many others. During this time we have participated in numerous photo sessions and are going to share some of those real experiences with you (aren't you lucky!).

If you are a working model it is almost inevitable that a photographer will ask if you will do nudes. We started out modeling for the fitness industry.  The photographer, who shot us for some of the exercise magazines, also happened to be a staff photographer for Playgirl. After doing a few shoots with him. Greg inquired if we would be interested in doing a couple's layout for Playgirl. Based on our comfort level with him (we are still good friends to this day) and the money opportunity (about 10 times what the fitness publishers pay). We accepted. 

We had done Fine Art nudes in the past and were comfortable being nude. Nevertheless, the more explicit nature of this photography took some adjusting. Nadia had an easier time adjusting because this photo spread, being Playgirl, focused on the male. She did not have to expose her pussy to the camera. On the other hand, not only did Shaun have to expose his cock.  He also had to show arousal. This was his first experience with a "hard-on" in front of the camera. The experience wasn't quite as interesting as Shaun thought it would be. Nevertheless, Nadia kept him interested during the shoot with her hands and other body parts. Modeling as a married or committed pair is a big advantage. Everything worked out well and we were published in Playgirl multiple times. We were published in the May 1995 and June 1995 issues of Playgirl. Contact Playgirl for back issues at 212-986-5100 or try the web at http://www.playgirlmag.com/

After doing Playgirl we were open to doing other explicit adult work. This time it was Nadia's opportunity to shed her inhibitions and, well, expose everything. Most adult publications want the females to shave their genitalia. Therefore, prior to shooting Nadia shaved her pussy and anus.  Leaving only a small well-trimmed patch above. This new photographer was very professional and we met with him prior to shooting. The day of the shoot, he started out shooting Nadia very conservatively. Slowly and tastefully moving on to the explicit photography. Of course Shaun was there for support and protection which made her comfort level high. Which is critical to the success of a photo session. Considering this was the first time she was photographed with her legs spread and her little butt in the air, she did a phenomenal job. The camera loved her! Nadiaıs first solo set was a success.

We progressed further, deciding to do more explicit boy/girl sets (publishing lingo for Male/Female sex). Couples layouts are in more demand than solo sets for many reasons. Typically, the models in boy/girl layouts donıt know each other and donıt actually have sex. Itıs pure fantasy for the readers. However, our situation is different. We actually perform sex acts during a photo session. The actual penetration is covered by the use of angles and oral sex by the hands for magazines that do not publish genital contact. We were able to produce many highly erotic layouts this way. Which is a big advantage for us as Sex Industry models. Additionally, we became accustomed to having sex in front of the camera without the actual contact being in view (except for the lucky photographerıs eyes). Breaking these taboos we became uninhibited further.

We began to do more graphic solo sets, which required different poses. For Nadia this meant pussy lip spreading. She initially thought this looked quite silly and didnıt understand the demand for it. Nevertheless, most of the adult publications want to see it in layouts. Which they call "Showing Pink". Nadia decided to do it to the point of being enticing without looking ludicrous.  She certainly made her point once the slides were developed!  Again, the higher the level of comfort of the model. The hotter the layouts will be. It became apparent that Shaun could sell solo images to the adult Gay magazines with a few posing adjustments. The solo sets he did for Playgirl were fairly mild by adult Gay magazine standards. These publications want lots of hard-ons and shaved anus shots. So Shaun did all the hard-on masturbation shots as well as the anus shots ("open cheeks").

Nadia found the irony quite amusing that Shaun was posing with his legs spread and his ass in the air just as she had done at other photo sessions.  Fortunately, we are non-judgmental and Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual friendly.  Hang-ups are a too much of a drag.  With our inhibitions pretty much gone we shot a boy/girl layout for Chic.  Chic magazine publishes sex acts with genital contact. The angles, which hid the penetration shots, the hands, blocking the lips and tongue contact on the genitalia, were removed. Everything was now exposed. We thought some of the penetration angles typically used arenıt very erotic or flattering. As a consequence, we only permitted the photographer to shoot specific angles and poses. The results were excellent. We were able to do highly explicit images, engaging in real sex, from flattering angles in non-standard boring poses. Additionally, Shaun had to do his first ejaculation on film (the "Cum Shot"). Nadia decided that her ass cheeks would be the best placement for it. So she rolled over and the rest is in print. Shaun found it a strange experience to ejaculate while being photographed. Now, well he can basically do it on demand. For boy/girl photo sessions anyway (itıs tougher solo). 

Nadia finds solo sessions easier to do, while Shaun finds the solo shoots more difficult. For Nadia, she is in total control while posing alone with less to be concerned about. She knows how to look great for the lens and does the most erotic flattering poses without having to be concerned about how Shaun looks. On the other hand, Shaun prefers the couple's sessions.  It's easier to stay erect and ejaculate with Nadiaıs participation.

According to Shaun, it's not a big turn on to be the only naked person in the room masturbating, while others are adjusting lights, moving props and drinking coffee! One can't help but think, "What the hell am I doing"!  Fortunately people can get accustomed to almost anything.

On one of our trips to NYC, another photographer and his wife (whom we are still close friends with) brought up the idea of a video test. We weren't high on the idea at first. Having seen so many bad porn movies. Other photographers and companies had offered us some very good money to do some. But, it wasn't something that interested us. However, since we knew this couple very well, shoot with them many times and werenıt going to sign a release anyway. We decided to do it. Steven began setting up the studio. We drank wine while Yuki (a professional make-up artist) did our make-up. What started out simple to be a mild 10-minute video test. Ended up being a wild hour and a half production. We started out in a large window, to a couch, a chair, the floor and ending in a make shift bed! During the course of the video taping we engaged in dozens sexual positions and oral sex including a long "69". Ending with Shaun ejaculating on Nadiaıs stomach and breasts.

None of us started out thinking that this would be the end result. Perhaps we all drank too much wine. Nadia said, "I can't believe I just got laid for an hour while being video taped by another couple"! It was a liberating experience for us at the very least. We haven't done any more "X" videos since that time (plenty of print work though!). Nevertheless, you never know what we might do.

These are but a few of our experiences as Sex Industry Models. At the rate we are being published and the success of Adult X Images 2000, we'll have many more new and exciting experiences to share with you. As well as the ones we haven't commented on. If you want to see more of us checkout your local Newsstand (youıre bound to see us). The experiences of  Two Sex Industry Models: Part Two is coming soon (dildos, facials, exotic dancing and who knows what else!).

Part Two

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